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Women Answer The Age Old Question If They Like Smart Or Strong Guys

Women Answer The Age Old Question If They Like Smart Or Strong Guys

BY Staff

Women Answer The Age Old Question If They Like Smart Or Strong Guys

The age old struggle between strength or intellect continues on today as men question which virtue is truly the most desired by women.
In our latest excursion out into the field, The Social Man Street Team goes out to find out what truly matters in a relationship.
Our casual interviews with various women on the preference between a partner who’s all might or wealthy in intelligence yielded interesting results.

On average, the women interviewed generally preferred men who were smart over their muscular counterparts, drawing different reasoning such as the ability to sustain a conversation, and that brawn can be developed over time.
In an interesting analysis, the majority of women didn’t specify levels of intelligence, with some finding charisma, or the ability to talk to be a more attractive quality found in men compared to raw smarts.
Even further breaking it down there are also the factors of emotional intelligence (EQ) versus the intellectual quotient (IQ).
In a world that seems to skew towards higher thinking in all aspects, from media and the trend away from iconic male stereotypes, what do you think is more important?
Let us know down in the comments and don’t forget to follow TSM for more groundbreaking features.

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