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Is She Wife Material Or Just A Gold Digger? Here’s What To Look For

Is She Wife Material Or Just A Gold Digger? Here’s What To Look For

BY Staff

Is She Wife Material Or Just A Gold Digger? Here’s What To Look For

It seems that some women do not care about the idea of learning about you as an individual, but rather what you can offer them.
Then, you get that one special girl who does. She’s the one, right? She would always be there and always be what we call “wife material.”
You’ll try not to screw that one up because you know she’s perfect. Perhaps not in general, but perfect for you.
Losing her would be difficult, so you do all you can for her and to make her feel wanted all the time.
She rewards this by not only sticking around but by being there for you.
You want her to be your best friend. You don’t want the girl in your life to just be around, you want her to be there as a contributing factor to your life.
You want to be able to talk to your lady about anything, regardless of what it is.
Whether you got into trouble or you were lucky enough to get a promotion, you want to talk with her with the same ease either way.
It is simple to do this, but it’s really a difficult situation for some to deal with. As mentioned previously, there are some women who seem to be about themselves.
They do not care about you and never truly will. Oh, they’ll make you think they do. They may even offer their body to you and the prospect of all the things you want in life.
Almost like an episode of Deal or no Deal. She’s the banker and you might have that million-dollar case.
She knows that, so she’ll offer conditions. She’ll be willing to offer more as this game of life progresses.
The closer you get to appearing like you have the million, she’ll offer more. She’ll want to be with you when you can offer something….or at least the prospect of it.
Then, you’re finally there. It is between the million bucks or the fifty. You’re leaving with something regardless, but you’re offered one final thing.
You gamble and find that you did not win the million. You’re upset, but you’re okay. You’re able to bounce back, but it isn’t like you wouldn’t want the big bucks.
However, she wanted that from the beginning. She gave up a lot, including time, all to be with you in hopes that you would take care of her.
That you would make sure she’s happy, that you would shower her with everything she desired, no matter the cost.
Successful men are able to do a lot for women. But have you ever noticed that the richer a person is, the more likely they are to have a nice piece of arm candy?
Hot women find attraction to men with money and power.
You think Donald Trump is actually an appealing looking human? Melania would never have been with him if he wasn’t rich, and that is the most obvious thing known to man.
Think of the fall however. Who is there for you when you fall from the top of the mountain?
Another great example is the movie, Talladega Nights. Ricky Bobby’s wife is happy, and all about being with her man when he’s winning races and bringing home the big bucks.
Yet the moment he goes down, she’s hopping in bed with his best friend. She was only about herself. She would rather be about herself than be there for her man.
Women are not worth your time if this is how they are. If you’re successful, good job. That is an amazing thing and you should be proud of that.
You worked hard to achieve it, and you deserve to be happy. Yet this success should not drive everything that you are.
If women only want to be with you for the money you have and what you buy them, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
A lot of men do not make it through life easily. Some of us are not rich and work a nine-to-five. We’re blue-collar, and we’re having to clock in every day.
One missed day of work could mean the power bill doesn’t get paid. The women who are willing to be with the men like this are showing their love for their man.
She is not trying to make it about her, but rather, she wants to make it about them, or the relationship, if you will.
Beautiful women are attracted to good men too. There are a lot of amazing women out there who just want to be happy and do not need a lot to be there.
Just the love of a good guy. They’re out there.
However, if they are not willing to be with you when you’re at your lowest, they do not deserve you when you’re at the best you’ve ever been.
Why would you ever want to waste your life with someone whose only around when things are going well? You need a ride or die type that is going to be there no matter what.
Life is not going to be easy, this much is obvious. Why waste your time with someone who is only there when you’re able to be a success?
I want a woman to be there for me when I’m at my worst.
For if she’s there for the fall of your kingdom, she’ll truly appreciate the rise of it when it comes about.

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