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Why Do Girls Ghost You? The Truth!

Why do girls ghost you?

Why Do Girls Ghost You? The Truth!

BY Staff

Why Do Girls Ghost You? The Truth!

Why do girls ghost you?
You thought things were going really well. But it always follows this similar pattern.
1. You meet. Start chatting. Flirt a bit. Swap numbers. She agrees to go on a date sometime. You’re confident about this one.
2. You exchange some messages. Some are even quite flirty. And you arrange a first date. Maybe you even go on that first date.
3. You message her. No reply or short responses. You call. It keeps going to voicemail. And gradually you get less response to your messages until…*insert tumbleweed*….NOTHING!
It’s frustrating as hell, I know. You put in all this effort to get to know a girl. You open yourself up, and even show some vulnerability. It wouldn’t be so bad if she’d been upfront from the start and said, “Ya know, I’m not sure I’m feeling a connection” or whatever. But just to vanish without any explanation? It leaves you feeling confused, frustrated, and without a sense of closure. What did you do wrong? How can you avoid making the same mistakes again?
The good news is, there’s usually a very clear reason girls do this vanishing act, and in this video Christian Hudson answers the question, “Why do girls ghost you?” but more importantly, shows you how to avoid it happening again!

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