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The Science of Attraction

The Science of Attraction

BY Staff

The Science of Attraction

This month at TSM has been amazing, and it’s all because of our awesome TSM army, you guys. We love the opportunity to share our insights to help you lead the amazing life that you deserve – and that goes double for your dating and sex life. 

One of our biggest relaunches to date, which was nearly impossible to keep a secret, is our new and improved Desire System. It’s an in-depth crash course into the science, strategies, and techniques of (yup, you guessed it) desire.

Guest host Dr. David Tian, breaks down the research and science behind what gets girls and guys all hot and bothered, and teaches you how to use that knowledge to really get the girl of your dreams.

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Knowing how this science works will give you way better insight into how to apply concepts and techniques, which is why we’ve gathered the best research out there to share with you The Science Of Attraction.

 Now you’ll not only know how to get the girl, but you’ll know why your techniques are having such an amazing effect on your dating and sex life.

As a mini-bonus for being such amazing guys, we’ve handpicked three principles from our course to share with you for free.

There are three main concepts that make up the science of attraction, which are explained in-depth in the Desire System:

#1 Sub-communications

Attraction is highly intuitive. It is made up of non-verbal cues. It’s been shown that 55% of attraction and communication comes from body language while 38% is derived from the tonality when speaking.

This is actually great news for people who get nervous about what to say when talking to gorgeous women. That old line It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it has been proven to be 100% true.

How to master this concept and work it in your favor

Because we know that sub-communication is important, we need to begin to learn what is driving our sub-communication: our mental and emotional states. In other words, what you’re thinking and feeling, you’re putting out there for the world to see.

So, the first step to being sure that you’re not putting out any bad vibes is to make sure you’re well-rested, healthy, and in a positive emotional state when you go out.

Gather up some mantras if you must. Do whatever it takes to make sure you’re in a good mood.

#2 Micro-expressions

Believe it or not, the person you’re talking to registers the tiniest of expression. Scientists have actually been able to recognize 90 different facial actions and expressions that uniquely communicates how a person feels. 90!

That’s insane, but the science is there, which means that the slightest eye roll, side eye, or smile is being unconsciously noted by the woman you’re chatting up.

How to master this concept and work it in your favor

Micro-expressions showing up on your face happens due to what psychologists refer to as an emotional feed back loop.

Basically, whatever expression you make will determine how you feel. So, if you decide to go for a mysterious man brooding in a corner at the bar look, you’re not only going to appear extremely unapproachable, you’re going to feel that way too because of the expression you’re making.

While facial expressions are almost impossible to control, the best thing we can do is to change our inner emotional state so that we can reflect that in our facial actions. Stand up straight, smile, and decide that you want to feel happy.

#3 Mirror neurons

These neurons in the primitive part of our brain work to help us read one another. If you’re talking to a beautiful woman, her brain will use these mirror neurons to pick up your vibe.

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Things that will give you away will be small and almost unrecognizable: nervous twitches, avoiding eye contact, nervous laughter.

These mirror neurons will pick up that vibe and mirror it. So, whatever vibe or mood you’re putting out, she’s going to pick up too.

How to master this concept and work it in your favor

This works for any emotion, but it also works to transfer feelings of sexiness and desire to her. When you feel sexy or turned on, guess what she’ll be feeling. If you said sexy/turned on, you’re right. How can we convey this subtly?

Well, for one you have to actually be feeling turned on (obviously), and you can also use specific words in your conversation to unconsciously convey that feeling. 

In Conclusion

While these three concepts can work with just a little practice, the main theme in each is that you’re inner emotions are almost always going to affect your mood, expressions, and vibe, so make sure you’re working toward having inner peace, happiness, and confidence.

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