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4 Things You Need To Do To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

4 Things You Need To Do To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

BY Staff

4 Things You Need To Do To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

My girl and I have been dating for some time now, but the one thing that we struggle with is the distance. When we started dating last summer it was easy, she was home, and I could see her whenever I wanted.
Soon enough that instant love was gone and I found myself confused, lost, and hungry for affection. She went back to college. Not exactly the place you want your girlfriend to be while you’re at home alone.
You think of all the things that she could be doing – partying, getting wasted, or talking to some horny frat bro. These polluting thoughts didn’t really make it easy to cope with the distance.
Distance can be created by man different situations, whether you guys are both going to schools that are really far apart or one of you gets a job that’s really far away.
If you love the person enough the distance won’t matter, you know what they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Here are some tips on how to maintain your long distance relationship.

Thank God for technology

Communication is key in a long distance relationship and technology has made it ten times easier to stay in touch with the people you love. Instead of just hearing someone’s voice you can see the person you’re talking to or send videos and pictures via text in a matter of seconds.
My girl is over 120 miles away, but I get to see her beautiful face every day because of FaceTime. It is not the same as being able to hold her or kiss her but it does have its perks.
Being able to video chat in real time is the best thing that could’ve happened to the long distance relationship.
It keeps you in the loop and takes the edge off of just hearing a voice and not being able to see her.
It’s awesome just getting to see the changes in one another’s daily life through a camera. I get to see if my girlfriend got a new haircut, changed up her swag, or what her living conditions are like.
It really helps me to imagine what it would look like if I was there with her. And don’t be afraid to get naughty! Keep things interesting, you’re only adding to the sexual intensity between you two anyway.
Trust me when I say this, when you see her again you won’t be able to keep your hands off of one other.

You Must Have Trust

Without trust in the relationship, long distance or not, the relationship will break apart.
There are a few things you can do in a long distance relationship that can help ease some of that anxiety My girlfriend and I share locations and it really takes a load off my mind just knowing she is where she says she going to be. This helps especially after an argument.
She won’t leave if she has her location on because if you are that special to her she won’t turn it off. She knows the stress of not being able to comfort her after a heated argument and would only add to that if you don’t where she is.
I’m not saying that you need to check it every day, if you do there’s definitely no trust.
I check it about once a month but just having it really puts me in a really good place. Don’t be afraid to ask to share one another’s location and if she’s not with it – than ask “Why?”
If you’re not with it, what do you have to hide? Another thing don’t use your location as a weapon either. I’m definitely guilty of this, but it just makes things worse and will only add more coals to the fire.

Make an Effort to See One Another

My girlfriend goes to my old university and trust me when I say this, after I graduated I never wanted to see that place again. She told me that she would come see me at least every other week.
This got old really fast because I wanted her to focus on her studies not driving up twice a month to come see me. So, I manned up and went back to the dirty (UAlbany) and it was like I wasn’t even there.
I felt like I wasn’t visiting my old school because I was so wrapped up in just spending time with her. So, even if you don’t want to go just go! Save up, man up, and love up!

Let Her Go Out

This is probably the hardest part of a long distance relationship. Letting your partner be a social butterfly.
We all have our insecurities in a relationship and I know I can speak for everyone on this, we all hate it when our significant other goes out without us.
In my past relationships my girlfriends would never let me go out without them or they made it very hard to. They would let their jealousy destroy whatever happy emotion I had bubbling inside of me.
Jealousy is a very difficult topic because it’s good in doses and if you feel like you’re being neglected because your partner goes out all the time, then definitely say something.
But, if your partner stays in almost every night and is talking you to sleep while all of her friends are out having a blast, don’t keep her caged up like a bird. Let her fly.
Letting her go out and have fun will only have her running back to you once she realizes how many douchebags are out there. She will feel lucky to have you.
In the end it doesn’t matter how far your partner is away from you, just know that whatever long distance situation you’re in, it’s not permanent and there will come a day when you will be together forever.
Hold on tight and don’t let go.

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