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Get Your Timing Right: When To Text After The First Date (Video)

Get Your Timing Right: When To Text After The First Date (Video)

So you’ve returned home from a date with “potential bae” and everything went extremely well, and now you’re on the way home and trying to figure out the perfect way and window to text her.
Maybe you’re texting her to set up a second date, maybe you’re texting her to tell her how much you’ve enjoyed the first date, or maybe you’re texting to just start up a conversation and chatting.
But there is an issue, you don’t know when to text her.
If you decide to text her too late you look like you’re disinterested. If you decide to text too early you’ll look like you’re way too interested, way too soon and scare her off.
Well, luckily for you, we’ve hit the streets and asked the ladies what they thought was a perfect time for that after the date text, and the answers we received may surprise you.
Now, while one woman answered

“Give it a couple of days, you gotta make her think about you.”

And others responded with the “next day”.
An overwhelming majority of the women answered. “A.S.A.P.” That’s right guys, text as soon as you can.

“I don’t believe there should be a waiting period if you like the person.”

Says one woman, Another woman shares her thoughts.

“I personally love it, it’s cute like “oh had a nice time smiley face”, something simple, it shows that you are still interested but you’re not all up on her.”

When you text her after the date you show your continual interest for her.
Text her something like “Did you make it home safe?” Or “I had a good time tonight” nothing too crazy but enough to reassure her you’re still very much interested in her.
Worry less about coming off as too interested, and more about coming off as disinterested.
Get rid of the three-day rule guys, it’s childish mind games that serious, grown women want nothing to be apart of.

“At the end of the day I feel like that’s dependent on the person, the more narcissistic they are the more games they want to play.”

She continues

“But If someone is genuine and you really have a connection then absolutely reach out.”

So there you have it fellas, it almost always pays to reach out as soon as you can and thank us later.

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