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Research Shows More Women Are Using Apps To Spy On Their Lovers

Research Shows More Women Are Using Apps To Spy On Their Lovers

BY Staff

Research Shows More Women Are Using Apps To Spy On Their Lovers

The honest truth is that not everyone has complete trust in others. Whether that be between friends, business associates, or even people in significant relationships, people are inclined to act on distrust.
A study conducted by One Poll, a UK-based research company, took a survey of a thousand married couples and concluded that one in ten women had investigated into their significant other’s digital presence through email, text messaging, social media accounts, and going some women (one in twenty) had admitted to secretly installing tracking software into their husbands phones.
Despite the study investigating both genders (with three percent of men investigating into their partner) women were identified to be more paranoid about their partners comparative to their male counterparts.
And despite the survey identifying that the participants generally trusted each other (nine out of ten in both men and women) according to the United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics, a significant 42% of all marriages ended in divorce.
Paradoxically, a survey conducted by The Telegraph in 2013 revealed that of their sample size, 62% of men would and have violated their partner’s privacy compared to only 34%.

According to the findings, “A third, 31 per cent, of people claimed that they would consider ending the relationship if they discovered a partner had been looking through their mobile phone.”

According to Peter Saddington, a relationship counselor, and sex therapist in a discussion with The Independent  lists amongst the reasons why these divorces occur, privacy problems were a significant source of conflict between partners.
Even more alarming is the proliferation of programs and applications catering towards the snooping inclined, with apps such as Couple Tracker, mSpy, and mCouple finding success in the market.
With such apps making digital tracking much easier for couples to follow each other it seems obvious that digital behavior could be a major factor in a majority of divorce in the coming years.
At the end of the day, like Kevin Gates said, get two phones.

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