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Study Shows Smoking A Little Weed Before Sex Makes It More Pleasurable

Study Shows Smoking A Little Weed Before Sex Makes It More Pleasurable

BY Staff

Study Shows Smoking A Little Weed Before Sex Makes It More Pleasurable

As of November 8th, seven states made your favorite plant officially legal for recreational use, and in 27 states medical marijuana became legal.
The climate on marijuana has changed dramatically in the last decade, which is great news for all pot smokers.
In a recent article by Business Insider, there is a study that suggests that maybe sex is more enjoyable if you roll up before it.
According to a Pharmacological Research Journal published in 1983,

“People who light up before getting busy report feeling ‘aphrodisiac effects’ in approximately half of cases, while 70% of users say they experienced ‘enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction,’ according to a review of preclinical trials and studies that used human subjects.”

Because marijuana is a substance that was widely illegal until a few years ago, there has been extremely limited research.
Also, the effects of THC on each person has many different variables. Everyone has different reactions according to the user, the dosage, the strand, how it’s ingested, THC levels, etc.
When THC is ingested it connects to the ‘Cannabinoid Receptors’ that are said to influence behavior, personality, and pleasure, among other things that can ultimately influence your experience.
How much marijuana is consumed can also make the difference in whether or not you enhance or hinder the experience.
Wayne Koff who is now the CEO and President of ‘The Human Vaccine Project’ produced a study in 1974 that said claimed, “A single joint was sexually stimulating, while higher doses became detrimental to sexual functioning.”
So roll up, but do so in moderation. Or risk giving yourself weedy d*ck.

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