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Soldier’s Battle To Regain His Limbs Teaches Us About Real Strength

Soldier’s Battle To Regain His Limbs Teaches Us About Real Strength

BY Staff

Soldier’s Battle To Regain His Limbs Teaches Us About Real Strength

War, and the horrors that it inflicts upon the human race, is terrifying. It can steal the souls of all who participate, leaving people more empty than they walked in.
More than the emotional loss, war can take your physical abilities, making it difficult to reintegrate into society effectively.
But over the horizon, advancements in new prosthetics, and medical progress in general, have allowed many of our bravest a semblance of normalcy coming back to a more peaceful world.
One such example of the power of future possibilities comes in the form of the success story of Sgt. John Peck.
Peck, who served in Afghanistan in 2010 tragically lost all of his limbs after coming in contact with an improvised explosive device (IED) during his service to his glorious country.
The blast left him as a quadruple amputee.
Despite the adversity the brave Peck faced, a double transplant surgery has allowed John to regain some motion in his fingers. In a video posted by Peck on his Facebook page viewable down below, the veteran demonstrates the limited, but monumental motion, that a combination of surgery, therapy, and sheer force of will has provided.

First finger Wiggles🖎👍👐

Posted by John Peck's Journey on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

According to Dr. David Crandell who participated in Peck’s rehabilitation, the soldier’s dedication towards returning to a state of normalcy is evident,

“John spent less than one week on inpatient service, and the last three weeks as outpatient, participating in almost daily physical therapy and occupational [therapy]… He brought “an intensity to all his therapy which is clearly evident.”

Peck, who’s dream job has always been to be a chef, is slowly on the way to achieving his passion one moment at a time.
We thank Sgt. Peck for his service, bravery, and teaching us to give up in the face of adversity.

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