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Sexual Texting: The Social Man Guide To Typing Dirty

Sexual Texting: The Social Man Guide To Typing Dirty

BY Staff

Sexual Texting: The Social Man Guide To Typing Dirty

Whether you’re in the infancy of dating or the puppy-love stage of a relationship, seductive text messages are a great barometer in gauging a woman’s sexuality.
We as men are sexual beings, but for some reason, we have this apprehension that stems from the belief that women don’t share the same kind of dirty thoughts that goes through our heads.
Well, the cats out the bag. They do.
The problem men often face, however, is initiating this intimate boundary in a manner where she both respects and trusts you.
That is where sexual texting can come in handy.
If done the right way, through sexual texting, you can test how sexual she is, set the stage to eventually cross that physical boundary, and also showcase what you have to offer.
However, as much of a utility sexting can be, there are precautions to be aware of and lines that should never be crossed.
You want to make sure that, although you want her physically, that she is aware that her body isn’t the only aesthetic you appreciate.
You want to empower her and make her feel good about expressing her sexuality while still being spontaneous enough to make even the sexiest parts of the relationship more exciting.
The digital age gifted us with technology that allows us to be close to one another at all times and if we use it correctly, we can use it to help us get even closer to that woman of our dreams.
Here are some tips and techniques you can use if you want to incorporate texting dirty with your significant other.

Testing Her Response 

If you have yet to text her dirty or haven’t even remotely entered the domain of sexual content, the first thing you want to do is test what her response may be.
Yes, she may like you. Yes, she may indeed have a nasty side. But you never know a woman’s level of comfortability or how long it takes her to pull that side out.
The last thing you want to do is scare her away when all she needed was a brief intro into such matters.
One thing you can do to test whether she’s ready to take the conversation there or even if her involvement with you is on that level is to casually throw nicknames.
“Sexy face” or referring to her figure like: “with that cute ass” or even “ugh, what those eyes do to me” all subtly infer that you’re thinking about her in a sexual manner.
If she sharply asks what you mean or sends a message that does not play along or shows appreciation, it’s easy to double down and switch the conversation.
Accusations is another technique you can incorporate to see where her head is at.
Before bed, saying “you better keep my clothes on in your dreams” is a good way to leave that door open for the opportunity to potentially get her sexual side out or “is that you outside peeping me changing into my gym clothes” is jovial enough to give her the invitation to play along yet not overbearingly overt to scare her off.
Technology is your friend and using it creatively can expedite what a face to face conversation would take months to do. Which is why using autocorrect to your advantage is genius.
Cue predictive texting. Blaming sexually suggestive messages on predictive text messages is an almost full-proof plan on bringing sex into the conversation.
Sending something like: “see you in a couple of sex” (instead of secs) or “I want to fuck you in your bed and read you a story” (instead of tucking you in the bed) and waiting a while before saying sorry and blaming it on your phone, will give her a chance to step into that realm of seductiveness that you might otherwise find awkward to bring up.
This technique is also easy to get creative with.
Testing her response is huge not only because it reveals where you stand with her but it can be that transition you need to take the relationship to that level of sensuality you want.

Sending Nudes

Sending nudes is tricky because it can easily backfire if done too soon or can be a great way to sell yourself.
It’s all about the introduction. Unless you’ve already crossed that physical boundary and you guys are sexual with each other, you do not want to send a nude out of the blue.
That’s a dangerous game and it’s one with risks and high probability of failure.
Alluding and suggesting nudes rather than outright sending them, then doing so in a manner where she feels empowered is your best chance of being able to exchange private photos.
For example, show off an outfit and ask for her opinion on it. This is easy and almost a surefire way for her to become engaged.
Women love outfits and will bite at the opportunity to give their fashion critique. Once she gives her opinion ask for a picture of her outfit as well.
Use this chance to shower her with compliments, both on her outfit and her physique. After your feedback, send another picture.
This time of your behind and ask, almost comically, “how does my butt look?” This now opens the door for the game to continue and should evolve as a continual escalation beginning with her feeling comfortable showing you her butt.
Again, this is an easy way to present a sexual situation in a way that she can opt out without anyone feeling too out of their element.
You don’t have to feel too awkward if she says no to the pictures and if she buys into the little game you’ll be sharing nudes in no time.

What Not To Do

When it comes down to testing how explicit you can or cannot be with someone for the first time there are some messages and words that are flat out off the table.

  • You do not what to implement any sexual texting or an attempt to ease into it after the first date. It’s good to exercise patience and if you advance too soon it will scare her off.
  • You do not want to drunk sext. You are not exactly certain of her sexual experience or comfortability, and even if you have any remote idea, you do not want to start off what could be a great tool for establishing intimacy too head strong with content that, in your head, sounds good. In the deep recesses of your head could be content that she should never know about and when you’re drunk there is no real way of containing it.
  • Do not write a novel. Keep it short and sweet. You do not want to lose her interest.
  • Do not use the words: member, boobies, slut, moist, panties, sore, vajayjay or ejaculate. Trust me, just don’t.

Sexual texting can be a great tool to getting closer to your partner.
When you introduce it the right way you can tell if she’s thinking the same way about you as well as add another layer to the dynamic of you two.
There is a right and wrong way to do this, and hopefully, we’ve started you off on the path to go about it the best way possible.

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