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The Brain Science Behind Keeping The Chemistry Alive In Your Relationship


The Brain Science Behind Keeping The Chemistry Alive In Your Relationship

Have you ever wondered why some relationships that start out great end up crashing and burning a few months later?
When relationships first start, it’s exciting. There’s the thrill of chasing each other, the chemistry that gets sparked and grows, pure happiness from a simple text response, the nervousness that comes from whether you’re doing the right thing.
There’s the inside jokes, telling each other about everything, and secretly liking some of the “couple activities” that single people hate.
And of course, there’s the “physical nature” of relationships.
Wildly passionate, spontaneous, and immensely pleasurable, going at it like the energizer bunny… Everyone’s fantasy come true.
But months down the line, and couples can barely muster up the energy to tell each other about their days.
There’s a ‘normal routine’ that slowly creeps in like a fog covering the excitement that once was.
And what used to be hot, steamy nights are now a boring chore that’s hardly better than being alone with a laptop and a bottle of lotion.
What the hell happened?
Well, the latest research from the University of Cambridge and the American Physiological Society explains exactly why relationships lose their steam – and how to get the fire roaring back in your relationship.
Researchers found it has EVERYTHING to do with one thing: Dopamine.
Dopamine is the most powerful pleasure chemical that exists in the human body.
Far too often, what starts out as a dopamine surge in the beginning of a relationship, withers and dries until what’s left is a dopamine drought.
And the result of this dopamine drought? Misery, boredom, and drudgery just a few months into the relationship.

Let Me Explain…

Any time we encounter something we like something fun, pleasurable, or exciting, dopamine gets released in the brain, a lot of it, and we feel happy and great.
The amount of dopamine that’s released in our brains is how we measure how much we like something – how much of a reward it is.
But on the flip side, if something doesn’t release a lot of dopamine in the brain, then we ignore it, avoid it even.
Think about wet socks – just the thought of having wet socks puts a frown on your face. No one in their right mind would call having wet socks a reward, and you can bet no one wishes their socks were wet!
So here’s how dopamine directly relates to saving relationships.
Researchers found that novelty massively increases the amount of dopamine that’s released in the brain.
The newer it is, the more we like it.
Think of how exciting it was to have your first kiss, or the first time you had sex with your partner.
Even everyday pleasures like a new iPhone or a new restaurant for lunch are that much more exciting, just because they’re new.
So, what’s the problem with relationships?
They get old!
They lose their novelty, because most couples default to doing the same old things over and over again.
And because relationships get old, they aren’t as pleasurable as they used to be.
And because they aren’t as pleasurable, we don’t care for the relationship as much – that’s simply human nature.

This Is How To Make The Relationship Pleasurable Again

This is why couples usually resort to expensive romantic getaways.
These work, for awhile, because they’re filled with pleasure – new places, new foods, time to be physical with each other, time to forget about the office.
But this is only a temporary fix. A few weeks or days even after you’re back from vacation, and it’s back to the same old same old – zero dopamine release during the mundane day to day.

Amazing Scientific Discovery Shows You How to Escape The Dopamine Blues

There’s hope, however.
A Doctor in Singapore has recently made some revolutionary discoveries when it comes to saving relationships — and his methods are based on releasing high levels of dopamine using a simple, yet unique method — even months after the relationship has started.
Using his discoveries, dozens of couples have gotten a fresh start and saved their relationships.
In fact, men in particular who have used this Singapore Doctor’s discoveries report regaining power and having complete control over their relationships.
To find out more about this unique method that keeps dopamine levels high and your relationship strong, check out this video, where this Singapore Doctor reveals his discoveries.

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