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Redskins Players Skipped Team Meetings To Help Hurricane Victims In Haiti

Redskins Players Skipped Team Meetings To Help Hurricane Victims In Haiti

BY Staff

Redskins Players Skipped Team Meetings To Help Hurricane Victims In Haiti

Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc across the Caribbean up to the Eastern Coast of Florida this past week.
One of the hardest hit areas was the (half) island nation of Haiti, which saw over 1,000 lives claimed by the category 4 hurricane.
Washington Redskins players Pierre Garçon and Ricky Jean Francois, both of Haitian descent, skipped team practice on Monday to visit their homeland and bring aid to areas of need.
In an interview with Complex Sports Francois talked about the motivation for his trip to Haiti and how the Washington team owner Dan Snyder encouraged the idea:

“It wasn’t really what we did, it was more what Dan Snyder did. Dan Snyder gave us a lot of supplies from our Redskins facilities; IVs, gauze, alcohols, and medical supplies. He really wanted to put a lot more on the plane but we thought what he gave us was enough for our trip. Dan Snyder lent his jet to take us to Haiti and I really appreciate him for doing that. He really didn’t have to do anything but he did.”

According to Francois, it was Snyder’s idea in the first place:

“No, Dan Snyder actually sought us and asked us to do this. That was great to hear that your owner wants to help out guys of Haitian descent and provide us the transportation to drop off the supplies. He even dropped off supplies at the Bahamas, right now the Bahamas are going through some stuff as well. Dan Snyder was just helping out all around and I salute him for that.”

And finally, on Francois’ connection to his Haitian heritage:

“One, I am of Haitian descent. Two, my father’s side of the family is still in Haiti but I couldn’t get a hold of them. But I really went there because if something like this happened to myself or even yourself, you would love and pray that a person, who doesn’t even know anything about you, would fly in to drop off supplies and give you encouraging words and to keep bringing yourself up.”

We salute Francois and Garcon for doing this truly important and charitable work in Haiti, there aren’t many things more meaningful than that. As for Dan Snyder, it is good to see him doing positive things, hasn’t always been that way.

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