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How Playing Hard To Get Will Make Her Obsess Over You

How Playing Hard To Get Will Make Her Obsess Over You

BY Staff

How Playing Hard To Get Will Make Her Obsess Over You

Playing hard to get — women love doing it almost as much as men enjoy chasing after them. There are few things as attractive to a man than a woman who isn’t quite sure if he’s the one for her.
Men like what they can’t have — or are being denied. The same goes for women — in this case, there is little difference between the sexes.
Playing hard to get can, and should, be innocent. Unfortunately, it can likewise prove to be a nuisance.
I know that many people are against playing games of any sort when it comes to courting or dating. And I get it — games can be hurtful and inappropriate.
However, I think games are not only appropriate, but necessary, when it comes to dating and romance. Given, of course, that you play to have fun — not to win.
Games in romance ought to be played like games when we were kids — just with adult content. You should joke around. Mess with each other a bit.
Learn what buttons to push, learn what gets on the other one’s nerves, and know how to play hard to get. It’s just like when we would pull that cute girl’s hair in class, or refuse to share our toy.
Is it juvenile? Sure. But why does love have to be so serious? Why can’t we just have fun? In the end, that’s what it’s all about.
That’s what she wants: to have fun. But there’s more to it than just that… Have you ever taken a moment to consider why people like playing games? Why they like the drama? The uncertainty? The excitement?
For some it’s about the rush — junkies going after their next fixin’ of drama, so that they can feel like their life has meaning.
Yet, regardless of who you are, where you’re from, what you do, and what type of person you’re into, you like having a little drama in your life.
Come on; admit it. You like it when he or she gets a rise out of you, because you feel more alive.
You feel like you’re living your favorite movie, playing the leading role. You feel important. It gives you a sense of grandeur and content knowing that you found someone that can make you feel this way.
It’s not easy meeting someone that can make us feel. It’s easier for some than others, for sure. But the more we come to know and respect ourselves, the more difficult it becomes to find someone we’re willing to let into our lives.
The harder it becomes to open up and meet someone that can make us feel anything at all.
Maybe it’s not the people we date, but the fact that we’ve become so jaded over the years, taking relationships so seriously, that we’re no longer willing to play any games in fear of getting hurt again.
It makes sense. And it’s sad…
How do you expect to have fun if you don’t play around? Or better yet, how do you make a great impression on her when you know she isn’t ready to open the doors?
Here’s something you need to remember: No matter the person, no matter how they’ve been hurt in the past, no matter how scared they are to give another person a shot, there’s always a possibility that you can break through the barriers and prove to them that you’re meant for each other.
It’s all about creating your love story. Humans are obsessed with stories.
They are our most prominent and ancient form of entertainment. What started out as tales told by word of mouth, have turned into novels, movies, tv-shows, etc.
In fact, we live our entire lives for the single purpose of creating a story, or legacy, that others will share for decades or centuries to come.

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We’re all authors writing the stories of our lives, while adding our paragraphs to the stories of those we influence or impact over the years.
We’re all just writing stories. What she’s looking for, more than anything, is a co-author that can help her write her bestseller.
I hope you’re taking this article seriously, as well as seeing the importance of the lessons taught in courses like this one.
Because unless you understand the importance of creating an emotion-drive story for her — one riddled with mystery, obsession, uncertainty, happiness, sadness, jealousy, and whatever positively influencing emotion you can think of (yes, even sadness can be a positive influence) — you won’t give her the story she’s looking for.
Even if she purchased a ticket, she will walk out of the theater.
But beware. This isn’t an easy game to play. One wrong move and you could screw things up for good.
That’s why it’s crucial that you have a clear understanding of a woman’s psyche — as well as the thoughts, wants, and needs of the woman that you’re going after in particular. Don’t misunderstand… this isn’t for you.
You’re creating her ideal love story, not yours. And believe me, whether she understands this yet or not, she wants the full spectrum of emotions in her life.
You, on the other hand, I am more than confident will be writing your perfect love story simultaneously as you write hers. Men are easy like that.
‘Let me get this straight… you want me to toy with her emotions, make her sad, mad, frustrated, and you expect her to fall for me?’ Oh yes. 100%. If you do it right, that is. If you haven’t gone through The Girlfriend Activation System yet, I recommend that you do so in order to get a better understanding of what I’m getting at.
You see, women — like men — are only human. And humans don’t see things the way they are. They don’t experience the world as it is. We experience differences or changes in our environment. We experience the changes or differences in our reality.
Meaning, if you want her to feel the most, to experience the most, to love the most, then you need to give her the full spectrum of emotion. You want her to feel uncertain, and then certain. Sad, then happy. Hating you, then missing you. Then fearing losing you.
You want to show her the emotions she was meant to experience — because she will look to experience it all, feel it all, with or without you. We can’t help ourselves… we’re only human.
Every emotion plays its role. You need to stop thinking so black and white, and realize that the world is painted with beautiful shades of gray. There is nothing wrong with feeling one way or the other, if in the end — and this is crucial — you love each other.
Now, you may be thinking: ‘how can you love someone and want them to feel all those negative emotions?’
First of all, who says they’re negative? They may be unpleasant, but I can promise you that one day you will look back at those times that you hurt, that you were sad, that you missed this person, that you were hurt by this person, only to realize that all those emotions — good and bad — were necessary. We’re beautiful. We’re a part of life.
Relationships are never perfect… or maybe exactly the opposite is true? Maybe they’re all perfect because of how flawed they seem? Couples fight all the time.
We make each other sad, and angry, and jealous, and uncertain, whether or not we aim to. What I’m telling you is that it’s unavoidable. So instead of being a schmuck like the rest of the men she’s dated, how about you make her feel all those things on purpose?
Purposefully crafted to give her the fullest experience of life, and most importantly, show her that your love for her has so many depths that the two of you could get lost in it for eternity.

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