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Notre Dame Player’s Military Brother Returns, Surprises Him At Game

Notre Dame Player’s Military Brother Returns, Surprises Him At Game

BY Staff

Notre Dame Player’s Military Brother Returns, Surprises Him At Game

Notre Dame basketball player Matt Farrell received a surprise visit on Monday after a game against Colgate University at the Edmond Joyce Center in Indiana.
The surprise visit came at the end of the game, in which Matt scored 13 points to help his team to a 77-62 victory over Colgate.

Matt looked toward the Jumbotron where he saw his other brother Bo, dressed in fatigues address his younger brother through a video link for the entire audience to see.
“Matty,” said Bo affectionately, “I’ve been watching you tonight from here, and I can hear Jack Nolan call your name.”

“I just remember when we used to play around as kids and everybody would call you squirrel. You’ve always followed your hopes, and always followed your dreams and I just want you to know how proud I am of you. I love you and I miss you very much. For us home is wherever we’re together, and I look forward to being home with you soon. Really, Really Soon.”

Then the the camera zoomed out, revealing Bo was standing in front of a Notre Dame backdrop.
Bo wasn’t due to return from Afghanistan until February, so it’s no secret it was a huge surprise to the entire family.
And just in time for the holidays!

“We don’t ask much for Christmas, anyway,” said Matt “So this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.”

Some Christmas stories write themselves.

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