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Eight Devastating Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

Eight Devastating Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

BY Staff

Eight Devastating Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

Each one of us has had moments when our mouths would appear to precede our thoughts.
When you opened your mouth and said something so incredibly offensive that you knew instantly that you shouldn’t have said it.
In no time at all, your rage transitions to guilt.
In the heat of the moment, we are prone to say things that might hurt someone’s feelings, and usually with the purpose of doing so.
It was once said back in yesteryear that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!”
While I do not know, who coined the phrase, most assuredly this has proven to be untrue.
Not only do names hurt, but the sting of a very pointed malfeasance is more than able to dissect and destroy. Words not only hurt but leave scars not easily healed.
I don’t mean to suggest that a random exchange of words with the jerk who crowded you on the train would hurt.
The only ones whose words can hurt are the people we love and who at some time or another have expressed love toward us.
In most relationships where love is based, forgiveness and reconciliation are not far behind. If you and a family member argue, maybe a simple apology and a hug will suffice.
If you and your best friend differ, saying “my bad” will cool the flames quite rapidly.
However, if you and your woman get into an argument, and in the course, certain words are emitted? You’ve got a long journey ahead of you.
Ignorance and pride get along famously but also make very strange bed fellows.
The ignorance of not understanding a woman’s heart, that she is not a man, and what certain words do to her, will create or deepen the sweltering ravine between your hearts.
An education can open unlimited doors of networking, resources and economic success. Educating yourself about the woman in your life will return to you a reward that is priceless.
No matter what happens in your relationship, in those moments of escalating misunderstanding, do NOT use any of these words when speaking with a woman.

1. Have You Gained Weight?

If you have a modicum of common sense or fear for your life? Never make references to a woman’s weight.
She is extremely sensitive about her appearance and you are her lover. She wants to look good and feel sexy not only for herself but you as well.
Attacks on her weight are attacks on her confidence, which in turn will stifle and strangle any affection she might have shown you.

2. Are You On Your Period?

You must understand how she feels at this time of the month. Inconvenienced, cramped, bloated, exhausted, and hormone induced.
Then, her man who she loves and thought loves her basically calls her a monster.

3. What Happened To Your Hair?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, a woman’s hair is her glory. If a woman is not happy with her hair, it can damper every bone in her body.
If a woman is down to her last $50 and must choose between groceries and getting her hair done? You get the idea.
Avoid any regard for how bad her hair might look. Choose life, my friend.

4. What Are You Wearing?

Long before she wears it, a lot of thought went into her selection. It requires the right blouse, shoes, makeup, hairstyle accessories, and weather.
When the stars align, and she decides to wear it, compliment her. While she may appreciate your compliments, she doesn’t need your opinion on fashion.

5. Why Are You Being So Emotional?

This is what she heard, “you think I’m crazy or you think I can’t make rational decisions or live without you!” Which might just lead to her proving it to you.
A woman’s emotions may at times help to express what she wants to say, but do not deviate from what she means to say.

6. You Are Lazy!

A woman’s task is often preceded by heavy thought. In other words, thinking about ALL that she must do is just as tiring as all that she does.
It isn’t until she stops doing them, that you notice all that she really does.

7. It’s No Big Deal.

Well to her it is. Remember, a woman is not a man. She is delicate, detailed and deliberate.
She knows what she wants, and if she takes the time out of her life to talk about it, then it’s important to her. Make it just as important to you.

8. The ‘C’ Word.

To call a woman the ‘C’ word is the most disrespectful thing a man could say to any woman, especially the one he loves.
To belittle any woman with this word will only dimish the respect you have for women and yourself.
To love your woman is an adventure, a roller coaster of sorts that at times can take you to the highest highs, and bring you to your lowest of lows.
While she may not admit it, she wants to trust you completely.
Learn to keep your tongue. You will never win in an argument with her, nor should you try.
She knows that her moments of frustration may last but a short while but the words that you use in that moment can resonate in her mind for a lifetime.

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