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4 Critical Mindset Shifts For Showing Your Desire With A Woman (Video)

4 Critical Mindset Shifts For Showing Your Desire With A Woman (Video)

How do you express your desire for a woman without coming off creepy, weird, or aggressive? It’s all about how you can show your intentions in a smoother, more suave manner. You want to show you’re not like those other guys but how do you start?
In the video above, Christian Hudson discusses his four monumental mindset shifts to Show Your Desire With A Woman.

“First of all, you want a driving thought of your’s to be: It gives me pleasure to give her pleasure.” Says Christian “A lot of men approach sexuality with selfishness where it’s all about their pleasure.”

Women can tell when your motives are anything less than pure, but when your mindset is, ‘her pleasure gives me pleasure’ she can feel that also.

“It’s going to drive your word, it’s going to drive your approach in every way you make her feel.”

The next tip Christian offers is a simple one,

“Critically approaching a woman with sexual intent is not about having sex when you want it most but rather creating enough sexual tension for her to want it.” He continues, “Pickup artists want you to believe that you should go for sex as soon as possible.”

That’s right, the key to seduction is actually about being thoughtful and not selfish, go figure.
Instead, your goal should be to turn her on to give her the pleasure of sexual tension so she’s eager and excited to experience even more of you.

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The final tip is that your desire for her should be tempered by sexual abundance. What does that mean? Curve your “thirst,” essentially.

“A lot of guys become extremely needy when there’s a woman they think they have a shot with, It creeps into their text messaging, their conversations, and their body language.”

So how do you stop yourself from falling into that?

“If you find yourself getting ahead of yourself, calm down and ask yourself. ‘ If I had a girl I could call right now if this doesn’t work out, how would I act right now?'”

You’ll still be discussing your desire and intent but without coming off as needy, urgent, and desperate.
Which is an extremely unattractive trait.
So when it comes to these mindsets changes, it’s absolutely necessary that you apply these tips, which will make you attractive to the woman of your dreams.

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