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Microsoft Could Change Face Of Auto Industry With New Driving Tech

Microsoft Could Change Face Of Auto Industry With New Driving Tech

BY Staff

Microsoft Could Change Face Of Auto Industry With New Driving Tech

One of the most interesting pieces of technology to emerge in the last year has been the evolution of car tech and smart driving.
Companies from Tesla to Apple have been are planning progressive moves to make the automobile experience smarter and roads safer.
In the trend of companies being competitive in all markets, tech supergiant Microsoft has now thrown their hat into the ring of the automobile industry by revealing their new Microsoft Connected Vehicle initiative.
Over the last year, Microsoft has outlined their ‘smart’ car initiatives, partnering with select manufacturers to integrate a new suite of Microsoft programs to cloud-based services.
Various companies, such as BMW, are utilizing Microsoft cloud services to assist drivers.
Nissan has demonstrated their intentions to use cloud-integrated driving experiences at CES this year, further illustrating that Microsoft is priming to be a major competitor in the world of smarter driving.
Of late we have seen the emergence of connected devices in the home with IoT technology, completely revolutionizing how people interact with the devices they own.
Artificial Intelligence-driven assistants in the form of Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s own Cortana have made technology like cloud computing for automobiles more feasible.
However make no mistake, Microsoft’s initiative into smarter tools for the road does not mean that they’re getting into autonomous driving like Tesla or Faraday Future.
Microsoft’s foray is a suite of tools designed to enhance the existing driver experience.
The company blog describes the initiative in detail,and as described by the tech company on their blog

“Today, the car is more than just a ride between two places — it is a hub of activity for daily life. People are looking to have truly connected experiences in their cars so that they can get more done, save time and make life easier. While safety and security are baseline requirements, our services can help make a person’s work day more efficient.”

A future where efficient driving eliminates safety concerns, and possibly removes the human element of error, is only a couple of years away, but Microsoft’s push into driver assistance is a progressive, immediate step to this better tomorrow.

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