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Here’s Why More Men Are Turning To Video Games Than Sex

Here’s Why More Men Are Turning To Video Games Than Sex

BY Staff

Here’s Why More Men Are Turning To Video Games Than Sex

In a hyper-fast world where the days seem increasingly intense, everyone has their own way of taking the edge off.
For some it’s knitting, others physical activities like football or mountain climbing, and now according to researchers out of the University College of London it turns out more men turn to video games compared to sex.
The recent study analyzed behavior and preference towards dealing with stress, analyzed a sample population of 108 men and 211 women and discovered that nearly 29% of men preferred to engage in interactive virtual entertainment compared to having sex or watching pornography.
The statistic, despite being lower, was also consistent in women with 18% of women playing video games as a form of stress release compared to 11% of women engaging in sexual activity.
When asked about the statistics by the Daily Mail, Dr. John Barry who was on the team which conducted the study noted,

“For men, having sex is probably about dissociating from whatever troubles they are having at that particular time – it is escapism. There are endorphins released during sex, so it provides a pleasurable feeling, which can act as a type of medication. It could be that men are just wired differently than women, they naturally have a higher libido so they fall back on this behaviour to cope.”

However, it must be stated that within the study the top forms of stress release were talking with friends for both men and women, and comfort eating for women.
At the end of the day when comparing the answers given from the study it seems that men have more immediate ways of addressing their stress compared to women, and video games are more easily accessible compared to sex.
Do you guys think that these statistics make sense? What are you guys playing (I know half of you are playing something)? Let us know down below and keep it locked to TSM for more news.

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