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Meet The Marijuana Matchmaker Who Helps Stoners Find Love

Meet The Marijuana Matchmaker Who Helps Stoners Find Love

BY Staff

Meet The Marijuana Matchmaker Who Helps Stoners Find Love

Dating expert Molly Peckler is the marijuana matchmaker. Molly offers career, life coaching, and dating services to “high-earning cannabis consumers.”
As a long time user of marijuana, she is a supporter and firm believer of the plant’s ability to heal and create warm and friendly bonds between people
In fact, she claims that it is one of the biggest reasons she and her husband are compatible.

“It’s really just about finding someone who has as much in common with you as possible.”

According to Molly, mutual marijuana consumption is a big deal in relationships, although it’s not a complete deal breaker.

“If you always feel like you can’t be yourself in front of someone, you can’t completely let them in, then those insecurities will just continue to grow, It may not be the death of a relationship, but it certainly won’t be as fulfilling and productive as it otherwise would be.”

But it’s more than just connecting like-minded “Pot heads” according to Peckler.

“I’m very focused on moving past the stigma of cannabis and showing that it really is something that can make your life and your relationships so much better.”

So what’s this magic-making process?

Well, like other relationship experts, Molly hosts coaching sessions with her clients, face-to-face or through Skype, offering advice on dating habits and creating new connections.

Her clients range from entrepreneurs, to tech experts, to professionals that just want dating advice, but happen to enjoy marijuana on their off time.

Why is she the Mary Jane Matchmaker?

Molly explains that most of her clients’ biggest complaints are how tough it is to find fellow marijuana enthusiasts.
So she created a speakeasy. A speakeasy for single professionals that share a common love for the magical plant.

Last year she organized a meet up for local singles on the rooftops in Los Angeles and Denver, and has a mixer scheduled for Jan. 28th in Huntington Beach.
You can find tickets on her website Guest who would like to attend, have to own a medical marijuana license.

What can you expect at one of these functions?

Instead of offering the traditional “speed dating services” that awkwardly rushes through each date before a connection is officially made, Molly likes to create a more fun, easy going environment that allows single people the chance to connect over their mutual love of marijuana.

“When you find out that someone is a cannabis consumer, you feel like you can be yourself. There’s that feeling of warmth. It’s a welcome energy. And when you have a smoke sesh with someone, it’s a great bonding experience. I thought that was a perfect way to spark the romantic connection, too.”

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