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4 Pieces Of Tech Every Man Needs To Have On A First Date, Just In Case

4 Pieces Of Tech Every Man Needs To Have On A First Date, Just In Case

BY Staff

4 Pieces Of Tech Every Man Needs To Have On A First Date, Just In Case

Every good man knows that the art of perfection is founded on always being ready for any situation.
Forward thinking has defined the perception of effortless execution, and every man wants to go above and beyond.
This applies to every moment, whether it’s tackling the day to day grind, or my personal favorite situation being the first date and the attempt to be as smooth as possible, the modern benefits of technology allow every man can make sure that they have the leg up or be prepared for any possible situation.

An External Battery

No man should go without a small portable battery in any situation, however it’s even more pertinent in the case of a first date.
Imagine forgetting to charge your phone after a long day of work before meeting up with your date for drinks? Or even if your phone dies before the date is over, and you need to find the location of a popular low-key restaurant by the west village?
What could be a possible disaster, even before the night begins, can now be alleviated through choosing to come equipped with a small charge right there in the inside your jacket pocket.
If you’re not the biggest fan of the bulk provided by a Mophie case for your device, I’d recommend the LinearFlux Lithium Card, it’s small enough to fit in your wallet and can charge your phone in no time at all.

A Multi Tool

Again, another excellent all-purpose gadget that every man should be equipped with, but I can’t stress enough how handy a multi-tool can be on a first date.
Dependent on the environment that you’re taking your date on, a multi-tool can be essential and efficient for handling a multitude of problems.
Imagine an outdoor evening picnic during the warmer days of spring or those 80-degree evenings enjoyed with your red wine aperitif of choice now ruined because of the lack of a wine opener.
Do you take the trek back to the local deli or did you come prepared with the tool to solve them all?
My own tried and true Letherman Juice SX always helps me travel light as possible, plus it’s always extra points for the man card.

Magnetic Phone Camera Lens

So this one is more specific but always ups your game when capturing that picture perfect moment.
For the photo savvy who wants the upgrade from the standard selfie to remember the night by a magnetic lens that seamlessly attaches to your camera can really convey a better shot, and impress with your higher tech game than anyone else.
I use a macro magnetic lens from Photojojo which seamlessly attaches to my phone without wasting any seconds to capture the perfect moment.

A Good Smartwatch

Contrary to popular belief, smartwatches are pretty useful. A good smartwatch can provide all the functionality that your phone can do without completely removing you from the moment.
As a good date you want to be engaged and attentive at all moments, and pulling out your phone automatically sends signals of disinterest.
Many argue that smartwatches are aesthetically not the most attractive pieces of tech to throw on your wrist, and this may have been true a couple of years ago.
Now that there’s been enough advancement within the market, companies like Motorola and their Moto 360 manage to marry the beautiful design of any classic watch of distinction with the forward thinking functionality found in any mobile device.

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