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There’s A New Birth Control Pill For Men And Women Don’t Seem To Care

There’s A New Birth Control Pill For Men And Women Don’t Seem To Care

There have been talks and rumors of a male birth control treatment for a couple of years now.
Given how trash condoms are, the fact that withdrawal, outercourse, abstinence and a freakin’ vasectomy are the only options for men to have unprotected sex without the risk of bearing offspring is pretty, well, outdated.
Just this past month on Nov 1, CNN reported that there was a successful male birth control shot. But due to side-effects and more testing still, has not been made available.
The question that remains, and that the Social Man street team set out answer however, is whether this changes anything, or will the responsibility of providing contraception still fall on men. And the answer is not that surprising.
The street team at Social Man hit the streets to ask random women two questions: who brings the condoms and if they trusted men who said they were on birth control.
The response overwhelmingly concluded that men were to bring the condom, and if on birth control are still expected to do so.
The burden of preventing pregnancy has always fallen on the man and the developments of the male birth control is still in it’s infancy so the response is somewhat no surprising.
As medicine and research continue to advance however, it will be interesting to see how this perception changes.

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