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How To Make Her Obsess Over You With One Simple Trick (Video)

How To Make Her Obsess Over You With One Simple Trick (Video)

The end of the first date can be a little unsettling. You’re in this constant headspace of trying to figure out whether she likes you or not.
So what do you do to ensure that she doesn’t stop thinking about you?
According to the Social Man himself, Jonathan Christian Hudson, there are tricks to the trade, things that will make her obsess over you and put you in her mind, ahead of the other prospects.

“If you want to get her thinking about you nonstop, you gotta be different, you gotta make her wonder; Because if she’s wondering about you, If she’s thinking about you. She’s not thinking about another guy.”

That’s right, the more mental space you’re able to take up, the less another guy is able to take and in the game of attraction and casual dating that means everything.
And how would you make that happen?
According to Mr. Hudson, you go in for the kiss at the end of the date, but here’s the deal… You don’t go for the lips you go for the cheek.

“If you’re putting her in the taxi or you’re dropping her off at the house, I want you to go straight for the cheek. Don’t even try for her lips, pull away look her straight in the eyes and say ‘I had a great time tonight and we might have to do this again’.”

What does that tiny detail do for the date?

“What you’ll find is that if you leave her with that rye smile, is that you’ll leave her guessing if you like her. When a guy goes straight for the kiss on the lips, there’s no mystery” he continues “she thinks okay this guy likes me, I can have him if I wanted him, the power is mine.”

When you apply this small detail at the end of the night it leaves her with this question in her mind, whether you like her or not. Which can make her addicted to you.

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