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The Key To Not Screwing Up Your Next Relationship Begins In Your Mind

The Key To Not Screwing Up Your Next Relationship Begins In Your Mind

BY Staff

The Key To Not Screwing Up Your Next Relationship Begins In Your Mind

They say the more you try, sometimes the more things fall apart and the more you search for something the more likely you’ll overlook it.
Such is the case in relationships.
We will change our clothes and switch up hairstyles to get a girl. Then, when we finally get her, do everything but what we need to, to make her happy. Always solving the wrong problems with the wrong solutions.
What if I told you the key to fixing your relationship or not messing your next one was not in the mink coat you buy her, or in how much of her nagging you can tune out. What if I told you it was as simple as being mindful.
There is evidence that dispositional mindfulness — or a tendency to attend to what you’re doing and feeling — can help your relationships, especially when they’re in jeopardy.
study highlighted at PsyPost, University of Auckland researcher Holly Claire Dixon and a colleague recruited 72 people who had been in romantic relationships for at least 30 months.
The results amount to what the authors say is “the first evidence that greater present-centered awareness reduces rejection fears during daily conflict and attenuates destructive reactions when rejection concerns arise.”
Basically, when you pay attention to the small things it helps you recognize what exactly goes wrong when it does, allowing you to be calmer and in control when inevitable disagreements arise.
The authors’ said that dispositional mindfulness enabled participants to be “aware of, and then cope constructively with, negative reactions to challenging relationship experience.”
So practice being mindful. Are you actually placing the toilet seat down? Are you aware if she’s enjoying herself or not?
Be more mindful and see the difference it could make in your life.

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