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Just Be Yourself: The Key To Crushing It In All Aspects Of Life

just be yourself

Just Be Yourself: The Key To Crushing It In All Aspects Of Life

BY Staff

Just Be Yourself: The Key To Crushing It In All Aspects Of Life

You may have heard it before: just be yourself.
People love to throw this phrase around, as if it’s so easy for everyone to just not worry about how they’re perceived by others.
For some people it is, but for others, it can be a little challenging.
However, there is something to the old adage that refers to being true to yourself and sticking to your guns.
The fact is, that people who maintain their integrity, and don’t change who they are just to satisfy other people, usually end up happier in the end.
This is especially true when you’re trying to pick up women. Why? Because women are highly attracted to guys who know how to be true to themselves.
The reason is because staying true to yourself is the ultimate way to show a girl that you don’t care what anyone thinks.
This is essentially one of the main definitions of confidence. It shows emotional stability, as well as a strong conviction in one’s beliefs.
To women, this is practically magnetic. It says a lot about your personality when you can stay cool under pressure, and stay yourself, no matter what comes your way.
It may be hard at first, but when in doubt, go with your instincts, and you’ll usually come out on top.

How To Be Yourself At All Times

The first step in being yourself is knowing yourself. Find out who you are, and what makes you tick.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll have an easier time making decisions and holding true to your beliefs and values.
be true to yourself
On a daily basis, you should be asking yourself a series of questions. Over time you won’t have to, but in the beginning, do some soul searching and try to explore some of the following ideas:

  • Am I living the life I want to live?
  • Do I inconvenience myself to make others happy?
  • Do I make decisions that will benefit me?
  • Am I happy with the choices I’ve made?

Think hard about this stuff, and be honest about the answers. If you find yourself unhappy for any reason, or you feel like you’re living a life designed to please others, start making some changes.
If your job is making you unhappy. Quit.
If your relationship doesn’t feel right, or it seems like you’re being taken advantage of, then break it off.
It can cause a little anxiety at first, but living someone else’s life is way scarier than taking a few chances on yourself.

How To Just Be Yourself Around Women

Women are incredibly intuitive when it comes to sniffing out guys who aren’t congruent. They’re brilliant at figuring out when a guy is faking an identity just to please her.
It makes sense that they would be too. It helps them weed out the imposters from the real alphas.

Sometimes women will set up traps in conversation to test a guy. She’ll want to see if his thoughts, feelings and actions are all aligned. This is why you should never, under any circumstances, change your mind about something just because she disagreed with you.

Sometimes, girls will disagree with guys just to see if they’ll back down. A lot of the time, guys do back down, because they think that by being agreeable, they can get a girl to like them more.
be yourself
The fact is, girls appreciate a guy who sticks to his own opinions more than they appreciate one who changes his entire personality on a dime just to please her.
It shows that he’s got his own identity, and is a complete person.
Girls tend not to be interested in guys who will shape-shift just to get laid. It’s desperate, unattractive, and a little sleazy.
So, when you’re talking to a girl, just be on guard for her tests. If you pass, she’ll reward you for it.

Being Yourself In All Areas Of Life

Always be yourself. Whether you’re going on a job interview or a date, never change who you are to satisfy the needs of other people.
You only get one life, and living according to what you think other people expect from you is a crappy way to spend it.
i want to be myself
There’s a temptation to not speak your mind because you think it’ll help you get somewhere in life.
It might help you get a job or a date, but there’s still the question of whether or not you want that girl or that job.
Before you make any decisions, you should filter them through the following criteria:

  • Is this going to enhance my sense of self?
  • Is this something I’ve always wanted?
  • What are my motivations for making this choice?
  • Is there another alternative that would make me happier?

If you pay attention to these things and always take them into account when you make a decision, you’ll always be choosing things that suit your true identity.
Once you relieve the pressure from parents, girlfriends, and even friends, you get to the core of who you really are and start actually living.

Be True To Yourself No Matter How Scary It Is

We live in a society that likes to put people in boxes. Literally. We stuff people into office cubes and expect them to live that way every day like its normal. This is why it’s so scary to just be yourself.
stay yourself
Quitting that crappy job and starting your own business is a risk—no objections there. But sometimes taking a risk can make you stronger. It can make you better than you were doing the safe, secure thing.
In a way, taking the path that most people see as being unstable, is actually stable if you really want it.
If you’re really passionate about something, you’ll give it a hundred percent, and won’t stop until you’re successful.
Compare this to showing up to a job that’s unfulfilling, boring, and unsatisfying. You’ll probably work just hard enough not to get fired, and guess what? You might still get fired.
This is why doing what you love, and being true to your interests and convictions is actually the safest choice you can make.
It only seems scary because you’ve been taught to think that it’s a risk. But the more confidence you have in yourself, the faster you’ll become successful doing the thing you really like to do.

Mantra: I Am True To Myself

Say it every day. Tell yourself every single day, that you will be completely free from concern when it comes to what other people think. Make no mistake, other people will criticize you for your decisions.
true to myself
They’ll tell you starting your own business is a bad idea, or leaving your job is too risky and you should just grin and bear it until something better comes along.
Ignore all of these people, and follow your passion.
If you keep telling yourself that you live for you, you’ll eventually start doing it without even having to try.
Making decisions that make you happy will be second nature, but like any bad habit, it’ll take time to start putting yourself first.
Start small. Set aside some personal time to focus on your hobbies, and don’t be afraid to disagree with people (especially women).
Whatever you do, just make sure you’re sticking to your beliefs and convictions.
Living according to someone else’s rules can make you pretty unhappy, so avoid it before it’s too late.
Take a chance on yourself, and you’ll find out who you were meant to be all along.

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