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After 50 Years And Over 200 Films, Jackie Chan Wins His First Oscar


After 50 Years And Over 200 Films, Jackie Chan Wins His First Oscar

Jackie Chan is a household name, when you hear the name Jackie Chan you think of the talented and creative Chinese-born martial artist.
In 1959, at the age of five Jackie starred in his first movie, launching his 50-year career. Now Jackie Chan is on the same level as the legendary Bruce Lee.
Monday, November 13th was the day that Jackie and fans had waited so patiently for over the years, as Chan finally won the elusive Oscar after 56 years in the business.

He is credited with doing a large majority of his own stunts, which is almost unheard of (considering the danger involved). Throughout his career he’s suffered many injuries, broken bones, and has even nearly faced death from stunts gone wrong.
Just this year we saw Leonardo Dicaprio win his first Oscar after being snubbed so often that it had become an ongoing internet joke. But allow us to put this into perspective.
Jackie Chan has been in the industry almost 40 years longer than Leo and has appeared in over 100 more films, also Leo has never been in any of the Rush Hour films.
Jackie Chan is a living legend not only in Martial Arts Films but in the film industry as a whole and should be mentioned with the legends. It’s safe to say that no one is more deserving of this award.
Here’s to you, Jackie.

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