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Women Reveal How Often A Guy Should Be Manscaping (Video)

Women Reveal How Often A Guy Should Be Manscaping (Video)

Manscaping is so very important, and yet so little men actually take it seriously.
If you don’t know the exact definition or areas of which manscaping applies to, don’t worry you’re not alone.
Manscaping is a vague term that is pretty much defined by keeping your grooming above par.
Manscaping includes but is not limited to:

  • Grooming of the beard
  • Grooming of genitals (safely!!!!)
  • Trimmed and clean fingernails
  • Healthy Skin
  • Etc.

Sometimes we think of manscaping as an art mastered by a lot of metrosexual and gay men, but it should apply to all men.
Women love men who take care of themselves and take pride in their appearance, go figure!
Now, obviously, this isn’t about excessive grooming. Women aren’t necessarily ecstatic about a man who spends countless hours in front of the bathroom mirror, someone she could see herself battling bathroom time in the future with, but more about a man who is well put together.
But the question is, How should A Guy Manscape, and for that answer, who better to ask than the ladies?
And that’s why this week we’ve asked the street team to do a little investigating, it seems as if most women have the same general thoughts about the process.

“Probably less hair is better,” one woman says.

A vast majority of the women polled didn’t think any differently.

“It doesn’t have to be completely (gone) but it should be trimmed.”
“I mean don’t be bald or anything but just don’t be incredibly furry. Keep it tamed.”
“Tidy and Clean” she continues “But not completely tidy, not spotless.”
“Clean,” another woman answered

Most of the women we asked agreed that they don’t want the hair completely gone, but that they do notice and prefer when it’s kept clean and trimmed low.
So there we go guys, grooming doesn’t have to be a painfully intimidating process, just keep yourself trimmed and cleaned.
Trust us, women will take notice.

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