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Help: The One Thing We All Need, But Often Refuse To Admit

Help: The One Thing We All Need, But Often Refuse To Admit

BY Staff

Help: The One Thing We All Need, But Often Refuse To Admit

We all have to admit that we need help with something, and that is simply the way it is.
It is not that we’re unable to do anything, but rather that we need to be open about the fact that we’re not perfect.
This is tough for many, for some reason, to admit. It’s as if one is having to pull teeth to manage.
Why is it so horrible to admit when we need help? A lot of people tend to feel this is easy to do, but others are big on the idea of doing things on your own.
Clearly doing things on your own is ideal and most would recommend it, but there are issues at times.
The real issue comes down to people who are in the workplace or other major fields.
One could say that it is a rampant problem in business or politics, in that, if people worked together more often things might be better for them and others.
While this might be another story for another time, the major issue among the sea of people in this world comes down to simplistic problems.
For some, their ego would be ruined if they have to admit to needing help. They want to come across as God-like, and a God cannot ask for help.
The point is, an ego, while it might be useful to have in a major world of politics or business, can ruin one’s career at the same time.
The reason for this is, because, if you do not know something, you should not try to do things in that field.
If you tell your boss that you know about urban politics, and then you clearly don’t, not only have you lied, but you’ve now opened an issue where you could dictate things that affect others.
This means the ego of one can affect the lives of others, even if that is not their initial attempt. We’re all interconnected in some way and small things can grow into large issues.
This is all randomly happening because one man or woman thought they had something handled and refused to ask for help.
However, perhaps the most important things we need to ask help for is when we develop a personal demon. When you talk about personal demons, they too can affect the people around you.
This does not mean people will always hate you, but they will develop a disdain for you. Since you’re not the person they used to know, they do not want to have anything to do with you.
This is often an issue for people who become drug addicts or alcoholics. These people do not go to that world easily, but rather due to a personal issue in life that got out of control.
Of which, they should have asked for help dealing with but refused.
Now they have developed an addiction, and yet again need to ask for help to get out of the problem. If they had trouble asking for help before, it’s clear they will then.
However, addicts come in all forms. They can be people in power positions or your random guy on the street.
While the man on the street may be different in economy to the power position man, they are both the same thing.
They’re both addicts that need to kill their personal demon of addiction. This is not something one can deal with alone, especially when it gets out of control.
As a former addict, I can tell you that it is not easy to wake up every day needing a medication you know you should not be taking.
You wake up shaking some days or needing this drug before you may normally take it.
A sudden anxiety issue or feeling or pressure makes you need it more as well. It is quite draining and deflating.
I sought help far sooner than others I know. Some of those people I knew of either got helped too late and are still addicts or died.
Meanwhile, others managed to get lucky like myself and got out of that world. All of us needed help to stop, and we needed to admit to it.
It is always going to be hard to ask for help when you need it. From help in work to help from killing yourself, you need to ask for help sometimes and that is okay.
It’s human to fear the unknown or fear what people will think of you. In the end, we have to consider the ultimate storyline.
Do we want to be remembered for the times we should have asked people for their help, or do we want to be remembered for what could have been?
Do we want to be remembered for being great or being the guy or girl that thought they knew something but didn’t?
Of course, do we want to be remembered for being the living guy who got out of a problem or the person who died from a personal demon he could have asked for help to get rid of?
We cannot accept failure in our lives and pretend it’s a learning lesson, especially if we go on to do the exact same thing again.
Failure should have taught us that we needed help, not that we needed to fail continuously.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.
Let us not be insane, for we as humans are better than that.

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