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Guys Everywhere Are Being Forced To Take Their Girl’s Instagram Pics

Guys Everywhere Are Being Forced To Take Their Girl’s Instagram Pics

BY Staff

Guys Everywhere Are Being Forced To Take Their Girl’s Instagram Pics

Your life is different when you’re in a relationship to say the least.
I’m sure you’re well aware at how certain aspects of your life completely change once you’re in a fully committed, monogamous relationship.
Your life goes from being all about ‘me’ and becomes more about ‘we’.
Going out is no longer about going to chase girls with your boys.
Relationships are more about the connection between you and the new partner you have in your life and trust me things do change when you’re there! For instance, the friends around you subtly change, and even your confidence levels will gradually increase.
It’s not just the major things that change, but it’s also the mundane things when you’re in a relationship.
The little things like taking pictures and going shopping with your girlfriend, that is essentially the concept of the new Instagram “Boyfriends Of Instagram” that has recently gone viral.
Here are a few of the highlights.

Lighting + Flowers + The Angle = The Perfect Picture

When you are bae’s Sports Illustrated photographer

Ladies, when he’s mastered the one-handed shot he’s a keeper.

When bae has the perfect tan.

“Baby Fever” Summed up in one photo.

Question: if your boyfriend isn’t also your part time photographer, is he really even your boyfriend?

Now that’s what we call dedication. If your boyfriend doesn’t go to these lengths to get the perfect snap, get a new boyfriend.

When a boy walks in the middle of bae’s photoshoot.

Surfs Up!

Girls Night!!

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear jean shorts.

When bae’s been in the gym all winter and one angle just won’t cut it.

The GoPro iPhone combination, very committed.

When you’re her biggest fan.

“Everyone say Wine Night!”

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