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Get Rid Of Bad Habits For Good By Analyzing Them With These Steps

Get Rid Of Bad Habits For Good By Analyzing Them With These Steps

BY Staff

Get Rid Of Bad Habits For Good By Analyzing Them With These Steps

Like most people at the end of the day, our energy levels start to feign. We’re tired, hungry, and struggling on that last hour push to finish out the day.
You make your way to the kitchen for a quick snack. You are faced with two options, a spread of bakery treats, and an assortment of fruits.
You’re sluggish and dragging through the last few hours of the day, and you’re looking for that pick me up.
Sure fruit is the healthier choice, but they don’t compare to those homemade chocolate chip cookies that are calling your name.
So naturally, you go with chocolate chip cookies. It’s  a more satisfying option that will give you that sugar rush that you desperately need.
The problem is cookies are extremely unhealthy and you’re on a diet plan you just cheated on.
This isn’t the first time your needs have gotten the better of you.
Was it a lack of willpower? Was it a lack of discipline? What if it isn’t you? What if the advice you got on how to break a bad habit was actually the wrong advice?
According to Melody Wilding, a psychologist of human behavior your habits are built on three stages: cue, routine and reward.
In the example I’ve provided the cue is being tired, which triggers the second step, the routine. The routine is getting up to go look for a snack and the reward is the unhealthy snack that you chose.
Congrats we’ve just completed the first step of winning against bad habits. That is identifying the stages.
The second step is exploring the Alternatives. What could you do to beat that desire to choose the
What could you do to beat that desire to choose the unhealthier option and keep you on track? You could create healthier, more appealing options like homemade trail mix or snack bars that are delicious, healthy, and energy boosters.
Explore your options and get creative! The third and fourth steps go hand in hand.
Get committed to change and anticipate setbacks. Work on your routine and tweak as you go. Find what works for you and what doesn’t. Anticipate setbacks.
Not everything is going to go exactly as planned. You won’t be perfect, you will slip up every now and then, that’s a part of the process. Don’t beat yourself up about it.
This is arguably the most important step; remain confident and focused on the goal at hand or you can find yourself slipping back into the same self-defeating thinking that could put you back into that habit.

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