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Focus On You: How To Turn A Bad Breakup Around, Yes It’s Possible (Video)

Focus On You: How To Turn A Bad Breakup Around, Yes It’s Possible (Video)

As we all know, breakups are extremely tough and delicate situations to deal with.
It’s like having your best friend decide that you all are better off not seeing each other at all. It’s like smoking a pack of cigarettes every day and then quitting cold turkey.
Ok, maybe that’s a bad analogy. Cigarettes are terrible and extremely bad for you, and you should probably quit.
But still, the same thing goes for an unhealthy relationship. What if your relationship is completely salvageable? What do you do to fix it?
Today Christian Hudson offers his tips on getting back with your ex. One of the hardest things to do when dealing with an ex is letting them go completely.
If you’re still very much in love with them it could be even harder.
The thought of starting over and building with someone else makes you sick, and the thought of her with another guy makes you even sicker.
But what if I told you that letting them go is actually the best thing you could do for any potential future you may have with them?
That’s right man, let her go.
I know that sounds crazy and we all want to send that letter pouring out our hearts in a last ditch effort to get her back but DON’T do it.

“The long letter never works in these circumstances, because the exact opposite of what you intend it to do.”

Christian explains further,

“It pushes them further away, it shows them you’re a little needy that you cant respect their feelings that you cant be strong when you need them to be strong.”

Yes, what you’re doing by allowing your ex to leave is showing her how independent and strong you are without her, which is an extremely attractive trait.
As cliche as it sounds, use this new found free time to focus on yourself and what you want out of life, focus on building yourself up, acquiring new skills, and refining the skills you already have.
Get in the gym and workout, the world is your oyster.
That way when you run into her again you’ll be in a better more stable place, both mentally and physically.
And you will run into her again.

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