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Fitness Mogul Shaun T Reveals His Secrets He Used To Lose 50 Pounds

Fitness Mogul Shaun T Reveals His Secrets He Used To Lose 50 Pounds

BY Staff

Fitness Mogul Shaun T Reveals His Secrets He Used To Lose 50 Pounds

Shaun T., The fitness guru and multi millionaire genius who started the most intense fitness DVD to be ever be released ‘Insanity, revealed what made him the mogul that he is now, and it wasn’t the push ups.

“Accepting that guy in the mirror, understanding how he got that way, and helping him take the steps that will improve his life. No need to shame him; better to really, finally, understand him.”

According to Shaun reshaping your life doesn’t start with weights and push ups it starts with reshaping your mind.
Reshaping and working out the muscle between your ears. Your Brain. Accepting and loving the things you cannot change and fixing the things you can.
This was the first goal that Shaun set out to accomplish before the physical transformation begun. Shaun had his own battles and demons he had to face as a child:

“The hardest thing I had to overcome was being molested from age 8 to 12. I felt like I had to hold the secret to protect my family. But then I made up my mind: I will not be a victim.”

But still he was able to conquer himself and become the man he is today. It’s not all about the end goal, there is beauty in the journey.

“The person you were when you weighed 90 pounds more was amazing, because that person started your journey. Love that person.”

Self esteem isn’t something you are inherently born with, self esteem is a skill.
It’s also important to note that:

“Everybody struggles. It’s what you do with the struggle. Negativity is a bubble. When you burst that bubble, you have to let the negative energy push you away from it as far as you can go.”

Negativity is like a pit, it’s easy to fall into and hard to get your mind out of it.
The most important lesson is Shaun T learned, and you can too

“You can’t build or maintain physical strength unless you have the emotional kind,”

Nothing is more important than self love. Not the kind that involves tissues and the Jergens. I’m talking about the kind of self love that makes you feel happier, more confident, and can boosts your self-worth.

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