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10 Essential Pieces Every Man Needs To Own To Stay Warm This Winter

10 Essential Pieces Every Man Needs To Own To Stay Warm This Winter

BY Staff

10 Essential Pieces Every Man Needs To Own To Stay Warm This Winter

Alright, gent’s, winter is coming, and I’m not referring to Game of Thrones. But much like Thrones, winter is long, disruptive and often violent.
In these upcoming months of winter, the days are shorter, and colder, which requires us to think about function (keeping warm) vs. style.
But maybe our style doesn’t need to suffer, here is our list of our top 10 winter essentials.


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These are an obvious. Your summer sneakers, gym trainers or work shoes won’t cut it. A solid pair of suede or leather boots is a must have.
Timberland and Danner boots are both are great quality and will last very long, as well as keep you warm, dry and safe on slippery surfaces.

Wool Overcoat

A solid wool overcoat is something you need when it gets cold and you have to still look like a gentleman.
Ideal for evenings and dates, this overcoat pairs well with a suit, it’s great for work or after work occasions, and can be layered up for more warmth.
A nice overcoat could be paired with more dressed down looks. A warm look that pairs well with almost everything.


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A hoodie is great for layering and is a staple you can wear from fall to when it gets super cold in January. Go for the black hoodie because darker colors attract more sunlight and ultimately makes you warmer.
The color black also goes with everything, it’s sophisticated and low-key at the same time.

Puffer Jacket

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These jackets are perfect for the winter freeze. The difference between Puffer jackets and any other coat is that is made with extra insulation to keep the winter chill off of your bones without the need for a bulky, heavy coat.
The look of the coat is stylish yet functional, the ridges in between each “puff” direct the wind off of you instead of on you like traditional jackets.

Long Johns / Thermals

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Long Johns are the perfect undergarment for the winter weather. They’re an extra layer when those days are the coldest. These will honestly become your second pair of underwear when winter comes.
So make sure you get some that are comfortable, breathable, warm, and not too bulky because you’ll be wearing them a lot.

Wool-lined pants

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Wool-lined pants are good for winter because they’ll keep you warm but they’re not too attention-grabbing (ski pants, etc).
They’re heavy, durable, and very effective. Pair these with your Long Johns and you will make it through even the worst storms.


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The best beanies can be found at military surplus stores.
They don’t look any different than a beanie you might pick up somewhere else, but they’re significantly warmer and cheaper than their department store counterparts.

Gloves or hand warmers

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Hand warmers are a nice surprise many people forget about. If for whatever reason you don’t want to buy gloves, hand warmers are a great product that can serve as a temporary substitute.
There are now gloves with finger pads that are offered by different places that are functional with your smartphone, so you almost never need to take them off.

Earmuffs or Headphones

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If you’re in a metro area and always on the go, headphones are a must.
But when it’s cold and your ears are freezing, you can either use earmuffs which again, keeps your ears warm, and still allows you to comfortably listen to your tunes or a podcast on your commute.


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Scarves are perfect accessories for the winter. They’re stylish, warm, and can tie your entire outfit together.
Scarves are like ties, that keeps you warm. Like a Winter Tie of sorts. Find a matching neck scarf and pair gloves for optimal style.

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