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Dating Your Coworker? What To Keep In Mind Before An Office Fling

Dating Your Coworker? What To Keep In Mind Before An Office Fling

BY Staff

Dating Your Coworker? What To Keep In Mind Before An Office Fling

Having romantic relations with a coworker can be very messy. I’ve always been told to never shit where I lay, and although your place of work is hardly your place of rest, I think the advice works all the same.
The kicker is that these aren’t the relationships we normally set out to make — they just kind of happen.
Attraction is one of those things that you wish you could turn on and off whenever you wanted, but when you lock eyes one too many times with the office clerk, it’s almost your responsibility to investigate, it would be a crime not to.
Now, there are certain circumstances where no matter the sexual tension you are not to make a play — like if she’s your boss or if you two are already in a committed relationship — but if you two are single and find mutual interest in one another, then there is nothing wrong with going through with the relationship.
However, before the decision to walk down this perilous road of office relations is made, you should keep a couple of things in mind: word travels, the fate of your future with the company can be in jeopardy, and you’ll have to balance your focus.
If you can handle these three, then by all means, have the best office relationship of your career.

Word Travels

Unlike meeting anyone else that you would typically date, an office fling means that you’re going to be in close proximity with them at all times.
Even if you work on different sides of a fairly large office, the workplace is like a fraternity in the sense that word travels. So more likely than not your business is going to be out in the open, and that should be something you’re prepared for.
Not that you’re doing anything you’re ashamed of, but you risk the chance making coworkers jealous or even worse: give them something to talk about.
Work environments look for opportunities like office relationships for entertainment, to poke fun or even as a means to put you down. You care about who you’re hooking up with, so keep in mind that she will face adversity if the rest of the office finds out.
It may be an issue, it may not be an issue, either way, it’s important to understand the full ramifications of your actions. People will probably find out and then inevitably talk about it.

Career Ladder

When considering a relationship in the office, you need to think about your career trajectory.
Do you take your role with the company seriously? How far do you see yourself moving up? Because office relations could screw up those ambitions.
As big as the smiles may be, the workspace is a battlefield. Entry level is trying to get to the junior level who is trying to get to the senior level, and you being distracted by your new girlfriend is all they need to inch closer to their perspective goals.
It’s all about who can perform the best and who has the most favor with the boss, which is why you should be especially mindful of having an office fling.
People will constantly attach your work performance and output to your office relations. Any slip-up —  or anything you do for that matter —  will be under a microscope for the sharks just waiting on your downfall.
Moreover, your ascent in the company — depending upon the status of who you’re involved with — will be scrutinized based on your relations instead of your work, and you don’t want that.
When you’re in your dream career you’re going to want your work and everything that’s even remotely associated with your name to be work-related, which will simply not be the case if you have a relationship with someone in the office.
So, next time you think about making your work boo your real boo, think about where you see yourself in the near future.


Beyond people finding out and besides your future being on the line, your focus is something that you should be prepared to defend/adjust.
Even if it isn’t your career job, you’re going to need focus in order to do your job to the best of your ability.
When the woman you have eyes for is parading around the office and when you’re constantly aware of everyone talking and being aware of your personal life, focusing on the task at hand will be especially difficult.
When your girl is at home it not only helps you focus, but it gives you the space you need so you can miss her properly when you return to her.
When we’re at that work party and the unexpected hook-up happens, the conversation the next day needs to include all of these possibilities. Word will go around, your career trajectory will be in jeopardy and your focus will definitely need to be emphasized.
No one really plans love; or lust for that matter, so if you think she is worth it and you’ve factored these elements into making the decision of carrying out your attraction, I wish you the best of luck.

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