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How To Create As Much Exciting Sexual Tension As Possible (Video)

How To Create As Much Exciting Sexual Tension As Possible (Video)

Christian Hudson, The Social Man himself, is here to talk about sexual tension and desires. Male sexuality is a complicated subject.
On one hand, you have the “Pick-Up Artists” who go around masking their insecurities with ridiculous lines or “tricks” to get women in bed.
While on the other side, a lot of men feel almost scared to express their sexuality around women as to not come off like some sort of predator.
So where do you find that balance? How do you take ownership, even pride, from your own sexuality?
Well, as Christian explains, it’s all about establishing that sexual tension.
Being comfortable in moments of sexual tension, even actively seeking or creating it, is a crucial aspect of owning your own sexuality as a man.
There are certain subtle cues you can make, either in what you say, or your body’s posture, that can hint at sex and showing that you are an attractive person.
Check out this video for all of Christian’s sage wisdom on the matter.

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