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All About Her: 7 Things You Need To Compromise For The Woman You Love

All About Her: 7 Things You Need To Compromise For The Woman You Love

BY Staff

All About Her: 7 Things You Need To Compromise For The Woman You Love

Perhaps you’re unaware and maybe even for good reason.
You may have been comatose, circumnavigating distant universes, or on a classified government mission that has kept you aloof of certain intangible, yet relevant, issues in the world.
It is possible that you did not know we have a new President in the White House, or that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year.
Maybe you missed the entire Breaking Bad collection? If I am correct, let me bring you up to speed. Donald Trump, (yes the businessman) is our new President, the Cubs defeated the Indians (yes, still the team name), and Walter White dies in the last episode.
Now that we are all caught up, let me share one important truth that most men, from all walks of life have missed.
We have wandered aimlessly through life thinking we hold real answers, but to fake questions. We have gotten together to talk about it, complained about it, even received therapy for it, and still do not accept this truth. I must warn you, once I open Pandora’s box, what I say cannot be unsaid.
You are now accountable for this truth. What you do with it can determine the natural course or displacement of your life. You’re very happiness and sanity depend on it.
The lives of your future children, governments, and nations will rise and fall with this revelation. Are you ready? Lean in close, I don’t want to speak loudly, not everyone is ready for this revelation.
Okay, here it goes. Everything DOES revolve around her.
Gentleman, I know this is emotional and hard to take, but we haven’t much time to spare.
I know you thought you were in a relationship but unfortunately you have been interviewing for a job that you will pay for, have no days off, no genuine authority, and changes as you go.
However, if you pay close attention to these important details, the benefits are excellent.

The grass is almost never greener, but could be browner.

A woman is a not a man, and you cannot deal with her like a man. There are attributes all women possess that while at the time may appear to be annoying, if embraced will make us better.
Don’t get it twisted, just like there are good men and ‘dogs’, there are also good women and bad women. While all women share some characteristics, obviously all women are the same.
You might feel unhappy in your relationship because you have unrealistic expectations, but later you could find the same trait in another. Before your eyes start wandering, take the time to reflect deeply on what went wrong.
Look at yourself first, ask yourself what YOU could have done differently and maybe you will discover that it was nothing you did or anything she did.
Sometimes relationships just don’t work and that’s okay. If she likes to discuss issues and you just want to pretend everything is okay, then she is not the one for you. If every little nuance turns into a street brawl, it’s time to move on.
However, if you have a good woman, give her time to grow. Don’t expect her to be perfect because she is not. Bottom line, if you share the way you want to be treated and she makes no adjustments, or twists it around to focus on your faults?
Bruh, it’s time to look for greener pastures.

You will never win an argument, so stop trying.

I get it, what you say makes sense but for her it’s not about what happened. It’s about how she feels, and if she feels unhappy then you made her unhappy. In the middle of an argument, you are dealing with raw emotion.
Any attempts at reason will appear to be combative. Do not retaliate by reminding her what she does, especially when you KNOW she is being hypocritical. First, she will tell you ‘we are not talking about her we’re talking about you’ and then she will feel judged and shut down.
The only thing worse than a woman who talks too much, is a woman who doesn’t talk at all. Once she can can relax; she will usually see both sides and better articulate what she was feeling about whatever happened to cause the disagreement.
If you are lucky, she might even apologize but don’t count on it. Give her a hug, tell her you love her and move on. Choose your battles wisely.
Everything does not warrant a discussion. Give yourself 48 hours, and if there’s something going on that bothers you, then talk about.

Always be prepared to come out the pocket.

I understand, it was her idea to go out tonight as you grit your teeth inwardly when the waiter puts the check in front of you.
There you go being practical again. “I have bills just like she does”, “did she really have to order the most expensive things on the menu”? In your mind, she is being selfish? Well, some are but not her.
She values you, and she respects you. When a woman grabs your arm in public, it’s not just because she likes you but because she wants to show you off to other women.
When you pick up the check, it makes you seem masculine and allows her to be the woman she desires to be.
Yes, she has her own money and more than capable of paying, but when she is out with her man, she wants all the women nearby to know “my man got this, and he is mine.”

Odds are, she is not into the game at all.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some women who love sports and can carry on conversations about your favorite sport with the best of them.
However, don’t get upset if she scrolls her Instagram, or attempts to engage you in conversation while you are watching the game. She Is not there for the game; she is there because you are there.
Acknowledge how much you appreciate her being there. Before long, she will learn the game and become a fan and that’s sexy.

She doesn’t always want you to fix it.

Sometimes she is emotional, discouraged, even angry and if you love her you never want to see her this way. Like most men, we try to get to the root of the problem, and it’s usually for selfish reasons.
Whenever our woman is upset, we all think it must have been something we have done. When we ask, are you okay? What we mean is, are WE okay?
Ironically fellas, it’s not always about us either. Give her space and time to think. She wants to talk to you more than anyone else and she will. Don’t be so quick to offer solutions, but actually listen to her.
She is very intelligent and can usually find a solution on her own. What she wants from you is to listen and be supportive. Don’t just listen on the surface, hear what she is saying.

Babe, I have to work tomorrow.

The truth is, she can also tell time and work the next day. Something is bothering her and rather than talk about it earlier in the day, she wakes you up at 3am to discuss.
First you must clear your mind of the idea that she intentionally wanted to disturb your sleep. It is not possible to interrupt your sleep without disturbing her own.
She needs you right now, and that means everything else pales in comparison. You say you love her, now she wants you to show her.

She loves that you can cry, now stop it.

A man that is not afraid to cry is almost always endearing to a woman. Once she knows that you have sensitive side, she will find this quality both alluring and attractive.
However, if you find yourself crying every week, you are setting yourself up for a problem. It’s true, she does like that you have a sensitive side just make sure it’s not the only side of you.
A woman likes to be in control without feeling she is in control. She is looking for you to be supportive of whatever is going on in her life and does not want to make it a habit of having to support you.
This sucks I know because sometimes we need to talk, we have fears and anxieties just like she does but the hard truth you will hear is “man up”, and well, we do.
Issues affect us differently and we can handle it.
So if you follow these 7 pillars of romance and relationships, you should create a healthy, wonderful dynamic with your partner, one where she feels like the star of the show.

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