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It’s A Choice: Why Success Always Starts With You

It’s A Choice: Why Success Always Starts With You

BY Staff

It’s A Choice: Why Success Always Starts With You

Our ambitions are diverse.
They cover a myriad of different desires and reference an assortment of benchmarks that we see ourselves eclipsing at different moments in our life.
For some, it’s having a meaningful and enriching relationship.
When you get to a certain age and level of success you want to share that with someone, and longing a partner you can escape with is a very reasonable definition of success.
For others, it’s as simple as getting along with women. Maybe you’re recently divorced and all you want in life is to have some responsible adult fun — that, too, is a vision completely fine to aim for.
The interpretation of success can even be more personal. Men have weight goals, too.
They may see their bodies differently than what it currently represents. These are goals worthy of your devotion as well.
It’s really all encompassing: from a car you want to possess, a school you want to enter, to the language you want to learn. Success and any form of it are all in your control.
It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that it’s solely through the assistance of others that our biggest dreams are awarded to us.
Yes, a personal trainer will make that dream body come into fruition much sooner, but a diet is something you can control.
Winning the lottery would be much faster than seeking out an endorser but saving money is a very practical short-term solution, too.
When we dispell the thought that there needs to be some huge external force to help achieve our dreams and that the initiation starts with us, we’ll start seeing results a lot sooner.
The first thing you need is some self-awareness. Be certain of what you want then evaluate whats keeping you from getting there.
The secondary phase to achieving your successes is to make very realistic steps — a game plan if you will —  to follow, then slowly execute.
You cannot go aimlessly crossing out boxes all over the place. Have direction.
Lastly, you need patience. Half of the time our failure to succeed is due to us quitting before getting there.
The second we’re able to convince ourselves that what we want is obtainable, the sooner we’ll be able to live the life we always wanted.


The first and arguably most crucial step to going after something you want is being aware of all the parameters.
You don’t buy something online without researching the best prices and reading the reviews.
You want to test drive the car before buying it, take it to different mechanics to get a congruent opinion on it.
Similarly, when we have an object of our affection, we should do homework on where we are relative to its acquisition.
If you want to get into a program, maybe you should make adjustments to your study habits and nightlife.
If you want to be on the prowl, going bar hopping for hopefuls and diversifying your wardrobe is an assessment you should make.
A lot of time we think wanting something is good enough. That, because we have the longing for it, that’s justifiable enough for us being deserving of it.
When in reality it takes us intentionally positioning ourselves to receive it.
Before going for a run you should stretch and before going after the desires of our heart we should prepare our lives for it.
It’s the first commitment that says we believe we can.

Make A Plan

Once you’ve surveyed your life, identifying counterintuitive habits impeding your progress then ridding them from your life, it’s time to make a plan on how to achieve this success.
The big picture is almost always overwhelming. Fifty pounds sounds impossible but five pounds per week is more digestible.
The CPA prep book is a monster; so are the classes. But if you break the test material over a long span, it’s much easier to process.
Everyone fails without a plan. The greatest ideas fade away and inspiration withers when you do not have a realistic approach to see them through.
If it’s a woman you want, tell her what you want for your life and how you see her in it or have a planned date out.
Don’t just approach a woman without a plan. Have a savings plan, a dietary plan, a job board and a quota for how many places you want to apply etc.
There is always so much to do before actually getting what you want.
When preparing for what you need, then making a plan on how to get it, your chances at possessing it increases dramatically.


Lastly, what you need for success is patience. Too many times we call it quits, often time being inches away from breaking through.
Short-term success is temporary. With women, we end up finding that the ones we work the hardest for are the ones we are with the longest.
With jobs, they end up being the ones we appreciate the most and the list goes on.
There is going to be a length of time that goes by where nothing appears to be happening.
You’re going to be doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, yet you’re not going to tangibly see anything change. However, this does not mean anything isn’t happening.
The more time that goes by with our pursuit of greatness in mind, the closer and more realistic that goal becomes.
And it’s through the consistency of its pursuit that it happens.
Success is something we start.
Everything else — the assistance, good omens and “lucky coincidences” — are all part of what you are doing every day to make it come to life.
Success starts with you, and it all depends on how bad you want it.

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