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How to Date A Girl With A Champagne Taste When You’re On A Beer Budget

How to Date A Girl With A Champagne Taste When You’re On A Beer Budget

BY Staff

How to Date A Girl With A Champagne Taste When You’re On A Beer Budget

You’ve been dating Sheila for a few months now, and things are nearly perfect.
She’s funny, sexy, and vivacious.
But, there’s one little huge problem with your relationship with Sheila: her taste for expensive dates have you going broke.
Not exactly the ideal scenario, but what can you do to salvage both the relationship and your credit score?
It might be a little early on for the uncomfortable money talk, so instead of making the whole thing awkward by bringing it up, take charge of the dates and add variety and ingenuity to them so that they’re still fun.
The best part is, she won’t even realize (or even care) that you’re not dropping wads of cash on every date because she’ll be too busy having fun.

Opt for creativity

Who says that dates have to be boring dinners at expensive restaurants? Instead of booking the same boring and overpriced restaurant, look around for more exciting things to do. Search for cooking classes, painting and wine nights, and basically anything else that’s fun and cheaper than $50.00 plates of pasta and $100.00 bottles of wine. Oh, and don’t forget to scan Groupon for deals. Seriously, sometimes you’ll find amazing things like cheap rates for parasailing, kayaking, and other awesome date adventure material.

Find events around your area

Concerts in the park, festivals, and even restaurant week are good picks for low-key dates. If you’re not sure where to find these events, go to your city’s tourism website for a calendar of events.

Turn a few date nights into social nights

If you’re hanging out with a group of friends or on a double date, you have to keep the other party’s wallets in mind as well. If your girlfriend is courteous, she’ll know this. Skip the one-on-one date every once in a while and meet up with a group of friends to do things like bowling, happy hour, or brunch. Your girlfriend will still get a date, and you’ll get to connect with more people instead of living in your relationship bubble. It’s a win all around.

Take the reigns

Most of the time guys will ask the girl where they’d like to go for dinner. If you’re treating her out, take charge of where you’ll go. Tell her you’ve already made reservations at a restaurant already, and keep it within your budget.

Not all girls are going to get on board with you and your date night plans. Unfortunately some will require a surgeon to actually remove the silver spoons from their mouths, but that’s not your problem.
Relationships should be built on respect, and that respect should include respecting time, feelings, and money. If she continues to ask for expensive dates, then ask her to start splitting the check.
But what if she refuses?
Then it might be time to say goodbye.
The amount of money that you spend on a girl should never be taken as an indication of how much you care for her, and if she can’t see that, then it might be time to leave.
Hopefully, though, you’ve caught yourself an amazing and understanding girl that will not only be glad that you worked up the courage to be honest with her, but she takes the conversation as an opportunity to treat you out every once in a while.
You deserve someone wonderful who appreciates you as much as you do her.

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Have you ever dated a girl that preferred the finer things in life?
How did you handle the situation?
Did you ever find that you had to break things off with a girl because you were going broke?

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