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Ingenious New Cardboard Invention Lets You Get Good Sleep On The Plane

Ingenious New Cardboard Invention Lets You Get Good Sleep On The Plane

BY Staff

Ingenious New Cardboard Invention Lets You Get Good Sleep On The Plane

Plane rides suck, especially for someone like me who’s pushing 6’3” in economy, and sometimes that pull out tray just doesn’t cover all the comfort guidelines necessary to stay sane on those long trips.
Between the trash food, that ceaselessly irritating snoring from the lady who’s resting on your shoulder, and the long trips locked in darkness messing up your sleep cycle, at least the last sacred option in that steel tube screaming across the endless blue of the sky is the beautiful escape that is sleep.
Luckily, a Kickstarter option has come forward in a simple but pretty effective way to make flying a more tolerable experience.

The Power Siesta is the ingenious brainchild of Horacio Trucco, an aeronautic engineer whose prowess and dedication to his product took two years of effort and time before hitting the development phase.
Trucco’s solution to achieving the ultimate power nap was creating an ergonomic and lightweight structure that naturally conforms to the human sleeping position. According to the Kickstarter page:

PowerSiesta is the comfortable, easy-to-clean, and environmentally friendly alternative that you can use over and over again – a welcome change from old-fashioned plastic pillows or dorky inflatable doodads. It’s is made from high-grade corrugated cardboard which is durable enough to be used over and over and resists stains thanks to it’s smooth finish, but still 100% recyclable.

The Power Siesta resembles a small podium. It’s completely collapsable and succeeds in achieving that next level of sleep without stressing your muscles.
Currently the Kickstarter is trending at a little over $9,000 and is looking to fund production with a budget of $35,000. Check out the product in action below.

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