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The Actual Science On How To Build Your Confidence In Seconds (Video)

The Actual Science On How To Build Your Confidence In Seconds (Video)

Let’s face it, guys, confidence is an extremely sexy skill to have. It is a trait that both sexes find attractive in a potential partner.
It’s so important it can mean the difference between you getting a second call for that dream job or being passed over. Whether you get a second date or if she ‘ghosts’ you.
Believe it or not, it also greatly affects the way people perceive you, and therefore how they treat you.
Most people think confidence is one of those traits that is just inherent. Either you’re born with a lot of it or you’re not born with enough of it. When in truth, it’s not like that at all.
Confidence is a skill, a skill that you can be taught, a skill that can be sharpened.
So how do we work on confidence?
The first step, which is undoubtedly the hardest and the most important, is getting over your fear of rejection and failure, according to the social man himself.

“You have to be prepared for rejection, failure, and getting crushed.”

That’s right, in order to be comfortable approaching women, Christian claims you have to approach more women.

“Confidence and competence come when you put in the work, you can’t fake that with money, you can’t fake that with style.”

Hudson continues,

“The only way that you get better as if you challenge yourself, put yourself in situations where you can fail and except that failure might happen.”

You will fail, but you have to understand that and become comfortable with the possibility of that happening.
Not every woman you approach is going to be interested in you, but with the same logic. Not every woman you approach is going to be disinterested either.
The only way to find out for sure is shooting that shot.
Click the video to find out the other very informative and helpful steps to building your confidence.

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