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How Brushing Your Teeth Is The Key To Improving Your Erection

How Brushing Your Teeth Is The Key To Improving Your Erection

BY Staff

How Brushing Your Teeth Is The Key To Improving Your Erection

It’s a new year for peace of mind, body, and discovering new knowledge as we launch ourselves into the future.
Maintaining the physical elements of our daily lives is critical to how we perform at work, in social settings, and most importantly in our more intimate and private moments.
In our never-ending quest to completely keep you informed about your penis and the penises of men everywhere, it is imperative to equip every man about how to more efficiently defend their erections from threats that, despite how seemingly dissociative, can strongly influence the long-term health of your sexual organs.
In fact, researchers out of China now reveal that the negligence of oral health can correlate towards erectile dysfunction.
A new study claims that in an analysis of participants, the presence of Chronic Periodontitis, or in layman’s terms, inflammation of the gums, has a direct correlation towards erectile dysfunction. According to the study,

“Based on the random-effects model, analyses of all studies showed that CP was associated with an increased risk of ED (OR=2.28, 95% CI: 1.50–3.48)…In conclusion, our meta-analysis suggested that there was a significant association between CP and the risk of ED.”

Despite more research and analysis into the exact correlation between the two to identify the key factors, general observation can allow us to draw conclusions as to why this is apparent.
Oral health has always been an important factor to maintaining overall health and stability for the human body.
Its relation to systemic diseases, Diabetes, and Influenza have been researched and it seems obvious that possible inflammation of the gums can damage your blood vessels in your penis, and as we all know the most important part about an erection is the quality of blood flow.
So do yourself a favor and start out long and strong this year by brushing your teeth as often as possible. You’ll thank yourself later on.

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