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Brave 2-Year-Old Boy Saves Twin Brother After Cabinet Falls On Him

Brave 2-Year-Old Boy Saves Twin Brother After Cabinet Falls On Him

BY Staff

Brave 2-Year-Old Boy Saves Twin Brother After Cabinet Falls On Him

In a world so cold it’s always nice to be reminded of the power of human kindness. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, we can survive anything with people watching our backs.
This week’s example of human kindness comes in the form of the true visage of brotherly love as a video gone viral shows a brother coming to the rescue of his twin.
The video, now plastered on each and every website (including ours below), shows the Shoff brothers, two-year-old Bowdy and Brock, playing around a dresser in the Shoff family’s house when the playful tone suddenly shifts as the piece of furniture came tumbling down upon Brock.

The video shows the beauty of fraternity, as Bowdy rushes to free his twin from a possibly life-threatening experience.
According to their father, Ricky Shoff, in conversation with CNN,

“We were hesitant to post this video initially,but a lot of parents have probably made the same mistake that we made, (they) don’t have their furniture secure or bolted to a wall. Our house is very childproof…We are really cautious about all this stuff, so it never really crossed [our] minds that something like this could happen.”

Furniture related deaths of children are nothing new in the United States, as many houses are not properly secured for children, thankfully this tale had come to a better conclusion than hoped for.

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