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These Bikini Baristas Will Change The Way You Look At Coffee

These Bikini Baristas Will Change The Way You Look At Coffee

BY Staff

These Bikini Baristas Will Change The Way You Look At Coffee

Are you a coffee person? If not, would you be if all the baristas were attractive and in their bikinis?
A new cafe in Arizona has been making waves lately by doing exactly that.
Bikini Beans Espresso has been operating for nearly three years and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

It’s no surprise that the business model appeals mostly to men; however, everyone is welcome!
While this may seem like a step back in gender equality, the company emphasizes its mission “to empower women, and to feel good about themselves.”
Each post includes an inspirational message, such as, “Be who you want to be not who others want to see.” At Bikini Beans, values are important.

Not only is their customer service is great, but so is their coffee. Just check their rating on Yelp and follow them on social media to find out.
Oh, and there’s a drive through in the case that you find yourself distracted and constantly running late for work. Here’s some more evidence that this is the greatest establishment of all time below.

Bikini Beans Espresso might be the greatest coffee spot of all time.

Because if you’re not trying to see this first thing in the morning, you’re crazy.

These ladies are independent, hard working women.

They also always make sure to stay hydrated.

These girls genuinely love their jobs too!

Because they get to go to work every day and wear what they want.

When it gets chilly inside, it’s okay to put on a sweater.

Company culture is through the roof here.

So would you get nervous ordering coffee from her?

Don’t worry, they’re there to serve you your Joe and put a smile on your face.

The rest of your day will be set once you make the visit here.

Because teamwork makes the dream work don’t it?

Being a barista has never looked so good.

There’s always time for a selfie here.

And another selfie too!

Don’t worry, they’ll have your coffee too.

Customer service is at an all time high no matter what day of the week.

Make no mistake, these are chicks you don’t want to mess with.

So book your tickets to Arizona and check them out now.

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