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5 Single Guys Share Their Christmas Routines On Reddit (And We Can TOTALLY Relate)

5 Single Guys Share Their Christmas Routines On Reddit (And We Can TOTALLY Relate)

BY Staff

5 Single Guys Share Their Christmas Routines On Reddit (And We Can TOTALLY Relate)

The newly single Redditor Stark_Warg turned to the Reddit community to ask a crucial question that other single guys were more than happy to answer.
This is probably a question that a lot of us can relate to. Getting broken up right before couple’s season can be a total shock, which might subside when you realize how much money you’ll save not having to buy those diamond earrings for her Christmas present after all.
But, that small win is usually shadowed when you realize that holiday plans are now non-existent.
It doesn’t have to be such a bummer, though. Check out the epic responses that these 5 guys gave to Stark_Warg. We have to admit that we’ve all been in their shoes (or couches in some cases) at least a time or two in our lives.
Seriously, this sounds like the perfect Christmas day. This guy eats his favorite breakfast, spends a tolerating amount of time with his family, and then basically becomes Santa Claus to a bunch of lucky guys online. Yeah, this holiday tradition is TSM approved.
This sounds like a win-win situation all around.
We’re pretty sure this redditor is discussing his monthly schedule, but hey, if you have the balls to try and do it all on Christmas day, we’ll applaud you. We do advocate for living life to the fullest, after all.
We don’t find this tradition sad in the least. He does pizza, beer, and snowboarding all in a single day? Sounds epic. In fact, this is the opposite of sad; it shows how happy he is with his own company and in his life. It takes a really brave and self-content person to have the guts to not only spend a holiday alone, but to head out into public and enjoy the company of one’s self. We think this guy is doing everything right.
Just because we said we can relate doesn’t mean we’re ready to jump in bed with this guy. You do have to admire his honesty. It takes a lot of guts to tell a bunch of strangers on the internet that you cry naked in bed, right?


If you’re single, what do you enjoy doing on the holidays?
What advice would you give to this newly single redditor to help him survive the holidays?

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