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Being a Good Party Host

Being a Good Party Host

BY Staff

Being a Good Party Host

Where to start? Well, let’s make this one a “quick tip”.
When you introduce your guests to each other, tell them something interesting about each other, or how you relate to them. Here are a few examples.
The Common Interest Intro: “So I want you to meet John.  He’s just started a new information aggregation site that also has a cool futures market built into it.  John, Adam here used to be an FX trader – he might have something good to say about it.”
The “Trouble” Intro: “Oh hey, this is Mike.  He’s an old friend from college – we used to get into a lot of trouble together.”
The Over the Top Compliment Intro: “Hey, have you met Julie yet?  She’s one of my bffs.  Wait, am I allowed to have more than one?  Well it doesn’t matter, she’s like number 1 now.”
The Self-Deprecating Intro: “Hey Dawn, do you know Dave?  He’s like my brother, and I mean, I got the looks, but he absolutely got the brains.”
I’m sure there are a million others – hopefully these give you a basic idea.
Most of the time, introductions at parties take the form of “so how do you know the host?”  You can make things MUCH easier for your guests if you provide just a little bit of momentum to get them going.

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