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Don’t Be A Scumbag: 5 Ways To Avoid Cheating on Your Partner


Don’t Be A Scumbag: 5 Ways To Avoid Cheating on Your Partner

For most cheaters it all starts by hanging out with someone you know you still have feelings for.
You tell your partner, “they’re just a friend,” but deep inside you know what you’re doing.
You want to see if there is some chemistry still there, maybe you can recapture a moment you had with this person.
But, we all know the truth. Everyone in a relationship, at some point, gets caught chillin’ with someone their significant other doesn’t like.
We lie to ourselves saying, “It won’t get crazy, I’m not going to kiss them, if they make a move I’ll just leave, or I don’t have feelings for this person anymore.” Well it’s a lie and you know it.
I’ve had a lot of different partners and let me tell you, relationships are not easy.
But I’m still friends with most of the people I dated. Even if I found someone else, I would have the balls to tell my partner “Hey this is not working, and I don’t want to force it to work, because I’m not fully committed.”
Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but it is the truth. Why lie? Why cheat? Why break the person’s heart? Remember you guys said, “I love you” to one another.
Trying to make something work that you know isn’t going to work is not showing love. You know the end result but you still lie to your partner, feeding them dishonest bullshit.
Instead of feeding them lies follow these 5 tips below:

If you can’t tell them you found someone else, tell them ‘we’re just not compatible.’

Even if you and your partner both know this excuse doesn’t make sense, it’s better than them walking into the new apartment you guys are now splitting and you’re tangled up with Becky with the good hair on the bed. You starting to understand?

Get over the hurt.

In order to avoid cheating you’re still going to have to feel pain. Watching someone go through the pain of rejection is hard, but trust me when I say this, it’s better than getting caught messing around with someone else and hurting someone you care about.

Remember your partner is your friend.

It’s easy to cheat on someone you see as an obstacle in the way of the journey of love, even lust. Think of all the times your partner has made you laugh and not the times he/she has made you cry.
Before you were in the relationship you must’ve been friends. Hold on to that and use it to help guide you in into your next relationship. Would you want to hurt any of your friends by lying to them?

Remember a relationship is a contractual agreement.

Think of your relationship as a contract. You told this person that you weren’t anyone else’s, are you going to honor that? The second you say, “Babe, we’re exclusive,” is the second you give half your soul away.
Breaking this contract is disrespectful and it shows you don’t give a shit about the rules. That’s not cool. Look at it as a marriage.
You get caught cheating, your spouse gets alimony, it voids the pre-nuptial agreement, your kids hate you and now you look like a scumbag.
You get caught cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend they can ruin your life, take your life, or take their life. We all hear and read stories on the local news how the current girlfriend kills the side piece. While this is a rather extreme case, emotions run high in relationships, especially when there is infidelity involved.

It’s all about respect.

At the end of the day we all knew it would come to this. Having respect for someone’s feelings will certainly remind you why it’s very important to avoid hurting them.
We are all human and we’re not perfect. But, imperfection is not an excuse to not tell someone the truth, go behind their back, and hurt not only one person but two people at the same time. Have some respect for the people that love you.
There is a phrase my grandmother always used to say to me that stayed with me long after she passed, “Prevention is better than cure!”
What this means is simply prevent yourself from putting yourself in situations that can risk your relationship. Get out or commit 100%, there is no middle ground.

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