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Australian Kid Lives Like A Baller For 4 Years After $2M Bank Error

Australian Kid Lives Like A Baller For 4 Years After $2M Bank Error

BY Staff

Australian Kid Lives Like A Baller For 4 Years After $2M Bank Error

As we all know, there’s usually no crime that goes unpunished, and unfortunately for one student, a long stretch enjoying the finer things in life on account of a bank error finally caught up with him.
Luke Moore, an Australian student suffering with all the millennial attributes of boredom, entitlement, and a taste for the rich lifestyle, had spent nearly $1.3 million on sports cars, strippers, and nearly limitless drugs due to an overdraft error at St. George Bank back in 2010.
Moore eventually was caught in 2015 and sentenced to a four-year term. The misguided gentleman successfully won an appeal after his defense team managed to support the grounds that the theft was not out of deception.
In a conversation with the Daily Telegraph, Moore replied on looking back on his lavish spending stating that “besides the cocaine, the strippers, and fast cars” he no longer sees the appeal in such a lifestyle.
Moore, 29, is now currently located in Goulburn, New South Wales at his mother’s abode, and studying to become a Criminal Justice Lawyer.

This has not been the first time that overabundance has been documented, however, in each scenario the persons of note eventually make their presence too well-known and ultimately become apprehended.
The nature of such crimes seem to identify the true nature that lays dormant within us all – the need to possess what is not ours, and the allure of the greener grass on non-traversable foreign hills within our daily lives.
Many would claim that the nature of such a crime falls upon the financial institution at large due to lack of oversight and fallibility of security measures within the system at large.
In any case, if you’re going to go the distance, go hard. How would you spend if you had a blank check budget?

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