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Women Share How Long Should You Wait To Approach Them (Video)

Women Share How Long Should You Wait To Approach Them (Video)

Alright, let’s set the scene.
You’re out at the bar with a couple of your buddies and you see a very attractive woman on the other side of the room.
So what do you do? When do you approach her? Should you even approach her?
Well, we asked the street team to do a little digging for us.
The street team covered questions like,

“If you make eye contact with a guy at the bar, how long should he wait before he approaches you? “

The answer may not be as simple as you may have thought it would be.
One woman responds with right away, but the others less concisely.

“He’s got to wait for another eye contact before he approaches me.”

Other women’s responses vary.

“I would definitely not want him to come over right away, that would feel a little aggressive.”
“A few minutes, maybe five to ten minutes, cause you want to make sure he’s not in creep mode. You want to make sure, ‘I do want to talk to him.'”
“Two minutes, because any longer and it’s like, why is he staring at me? And any shorter is just like whoaaa.”

Now, while the answers and responses varied slightly, the message did not.
Approach her, but do so only when you’ve gotten the cue that it is ok to do so.
Go in too early and you can scare her away by coming off too aggressive and take to long and you’ll look like you’re not interested, weak, or playing games.
Because you’ve taken our courses and paid attention to the lessons you understand the difference between a woman who passively looks your direction and a woman who is sending you non-verbal cues to come and talk to her.
In case you haven’t one woman shares with us the signals she uses.

“I give guys the double take, or like an extended stare”

So in summary, if you’ve caught her eyes more than once, it’s surely more than a coincidence, maybe she’s inviting you over and it would be rude not to accept an invitation.
Trust us guys, her eyes don’t lie.

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