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New Alexa Door Lock API Will Make Securing Your Home Seamless

New Alexa Door Lock API Will Make Securing Your Home Seamless

BY Staff

New Alexa Door Lock API Will Make Securing Your Home Seamless

If you’ve seen any of these Amazon Alexa speaker systems, you know they’re pretty damn cool.
It’s exciting to see how human achievement and scientific advances work into our everyday lives.
So when you tell a speaker to “play a song I like” and it reacts duly, that’s pretty awesome.
Now, Amazon is adding more features to the Alexa, making it compatible and connected with wireless door locks.
The idea being that you can control the locks and security of your home from mobile devices.
There are a bunch of door locking companies that will use Amazon’s new Door Lock API, including Yale, Kwikset, Z-Wave, and Schlage.
August Home, a modern home security services company that makes things like smart locks and wireless doorbell cameras, partnered with Amazon last year specifically for home security and Alexa connectivity.
If you’re familiar with Alexa, you know how it works, it’s basically some sort of robot speaker that can obey commands.
So when applied to home security and safety, this new technology seems to allow you to never get off the couch and just ask Alexa to lock your doors for you.
This sounds… kind of sketchy. Does that mean anyone with a voice and an Alexa can unlock your doors?
An Amazon spokesman talked about safety,

“We’re currently working on a variety of security and safety tools within the Door Lock API in order to support unlock controls in a secure manner. We will not launch unlock support until those security requirements and options are in place.”

This is obviously exciting, if not slightly overwhelming, technology. More and more wild new technological breakthroughs are making their ways into our homes.

It’s a crazy time in technology, as it seems like almost anything is possible.

Would you guys be interested in this remote controlled security system? Let us know your thoughts.

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