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5 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful

5 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful

BY Staff

5 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful

5You’ve been chipping away at the old wood block (aka your career), and you’re slowly starting to make out the masterpiece that’s being created. But it’s taking a little more time than you thought, and you’re worried that maybe you won’t be successful.


Don’t give up, though.

It might be hard to see the bigger picture now, but if you can check off these 5 signs below, then you definitely are working toward a successful career.

1. You work smarter and harder


There are typically two different camps at work:

  • Those who believe in working smarter (i.e. they stay of FB all day and then pull a solid 2 hours of work out at the end of the day)
  • Those who work harder (i.e. the little engines that could at work who work at painfully slow speed but work throughout the day)

You’re above having to choose one because you’re better than that. You know that the key to real progress is working both smarter and harder, which essentially just means using your time wisely and avoiding throwing your day away by sitting at your computer and looking at cat pictures all day.

2. You have something to prove to yourself


When you wake up in the morning, you have a fire burning that’s ready to take on the day.

Some people keep this flame alive by seeking out the praise and acceptance of others, but others keep it alive by working to make themselves proud and happy. You, of course, fall into the latter category.

You don’t work to be seen, you work to feel good, and that’s the type of personality trait that pushes people to success.

3. You’ve already got your fair share of haters


Who do haters target?

  • People who are doing well socially
  • People who have something a hater wants
  • People who are successful

Nothing pisses off Haters more than seeing someone they deem their equal do better than them. So, if you’ve noticed that you have a few jerks with their sights set on you, you’re clearly on your way to success (and at a much faster rate than they are because you’re focusing on your own success and not that of others).

4. You’re always learning and acquiring new skills


The best thing you can do for yourself and your career is to accept that your learning will never be over.

People who continue acquiring skills and knowledge are the same people who are going to be up for promotions because they have a larger skill set than those who stick to what they know.

Whether it’s continuing education or a new project with elements that you have to learn about to execute correctly, you enjoy the opportunity to learn new things, which is great because it’ll guarantee your success.

5. You know that luck plays a big part (and help it find you)


The most successful people in the world know that luck has a pretty big part in success, but that doesn’t mean that they sit around fountains tossing coins in wishing for luck.

No, instead, they give luck as many chances to find them as possible.

How can you increase your odds of success?

  • Go to the networking events (even when you don’t want to)
  • Take on the projects that no one else wants because they involve too much work
  • Stay optimistic
  • Become resilient
  • Listen to your gut (aka trust your intuition)
  • Be open and accepting of change

Give luck as many chances as you can to find you daily, and success will be in your path.


1. What are you currently working towards?

2. What do you do to ensure that you’ll be successful?

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